Face painting is when you apply special cosmetic paint to a person’s face in a creative way. There are specific cosmetic paints that are used for face painting.Other mediums such as other types of paint, permanent markers etc. are not meant for use on the skin and can cause serious allergic reactions. Some think that if a product is marked as ‘non-toxic’it is safe for your skin but this is not true and irritation can definitely occur.

Used in ancient times when hunting, for religious reasons and military purposes, the history of face painting is vast and extensive. Face painting became popular during the hippie movement in the late 1960s, when young women decorated their faces with flowers and symbols at various demonstrations. It is now quite common to be included as entertainment for county fairs, festivals, markets and children’s parties. It is reasonably cheap to get started, as all you need is a face painting kit, an artistic eye and a love for people.

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Face painting: Fun with creativity

By ArtStore Kids

Nowadays, face painting became so trendy that people are always seeking for new patterns and styles for face painting. You will have seen people in any football or cricket match, painted their faces with the colors of the team they are supporting. The craze of kids now has moved towards adults and face painting is became crazy part of parties and occasions and along with fancy dress theme, face painting is also taken as theme of parties.

Only skilled and creative person can paint faces and without having basic skill face painting cannot be done. Different face painting depend on different occasions such as if you are going to any sport match, you will need to paint flag or logo of your favorite team and it will show that you are fond of that team. For a kid’s party, face paint will based on kids choice, boys would like to have face painted as robots, favorite superhero, pirates, or monster etc and on other hand girls would like to have face painted like Barbie doll, mermaids, witches, fairies etc.

People love to try different painting styles and sceneries also appears good on side of mouth such as painting stars and moons or rising sun looks nice on kids face. Additionally, using glitter and lipstick can take face painting into a new dimension.
Face painting butterflies is a different thought in which the imagination of the face painter can be completely utilize. A butterfly with its wings tinted on eyelids can be pretty good-looking. It will appear like butterfly has flapped its wings while the person will blink. The similar result can be formed by painting a bird on the sides of the face. Painting the face of a cat is pretty trendy as well, as you can bring into line the lips of the cat with that of the individual.

Mostly creative face painting rely on the person who is having face paint that how he wants to express himself. Some of the face painting styles can express your thoughts, illusion or dreams. Such painting covers area till neck. It is basically the theme that compels the face painting design. The whole thing that you can visualize can be painted on the face. Consequently, it is the thoughts that will inspire the face-painter. Certainly, the individual whose face is being painted should be of the same mind to the idea as well.

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