Singing requires a variety of vocal techniques and tones to really stand out. The vocalist can perform alone (a cappella) or with another musical instrument such as a piano or guitar (to name a few).Singing can be done individually or in a group. Group singing is usually called a choir and comprises of many different vocal tones and abilities to add layers to the composition. The hearer of the singer should find the sound pleasing to the ear and sometimes receive a story or meaning from the words. Some of the singing styles are opera, jazz or pop etc.

Singing can become a profession, can be used for religious devotion or just as a hobby. In order to achieve a good singing voice, you need to work at it through vocal training and put the time and effort required. You need to find your singing voice, as speaking is different to singing. Finding what is comfortable for you and how to pronounce words in a way that you can hold notes and get the resonance required is important. Once someone has properly trained their voice to a professional level, many career prospects can be made available to you. The first step with this hobby would be to go to vocal coaching lessons, to start good habits and let someone with a professional ear help you find your singing voice.

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Learn How to Sing – Basic Singing Tips from the Singing Experts

By: Brett Steinberg

To learn how to sing isn’t something that has to cost a lot of money. You can learn to sing in many ways such as simply paying attention to how your favorite singer sings, there are online classes that you can take and of course the lessons that you can take in person from a singing instructor. Expensive lessons don’t always make you into some famous singer though and not every famous singer started with lessons. You might keep that in mind. Some were just born with a gift. But if you want to learn how to sing, here are a few things you can keep in mind.

Try to think of someone you know that knows how to sing really well. Now ask that person if you can sing along with them. Find someone who is adventurous in the vocal range, someone who can give you things to try. Keep in mind when you sing that it is always best to stand up to sing as it allows more air into the lungs.

Warm ups are good for most anything, singing included. To warm up your vocal chords you can try singing the ever popular “do ray me fa so la ti doh” scale that we all know and love. Might want to have some fun with it and sing that song from the Sound of Music that adds a fun twist to the more boring do ray me. Once your chords are loosened up you can start singing with a song that you already know, one that you are comfortable singing. Like me, I love some songs but I know that they aren’t to be sung by me. No sense hacking them to pieces. But I do sing the ones I know I can do and once I get real comfortable I add some “umph” to it and really try to project my voice.

If you are unsure of how to project your voice, imagine that you are singing to people at the back of a hall and you want them to hear you. To do that you don’t have to scream. That isn’t anything anybody wants to hear. To make your voice louder you need to learn to use your stomach muscles. When you are singing, push down with your stomach muscles and you will see how it makes your voice stronger. It might take some practice but once you get it down you will be surprised at the difference it makes.

Generally that strength is needed from the stomach muscles in the last few words of a sentence so that it isn’t cut off and phased out weakly from lack of breath. Those stomach muscles are life savers at getting those last few breaths out so that you can finish a sentence.

Learning how to sing properly is a wonderful thing to accomplish. To have your voice so that people actually want to hear it is a time when you know that all the practice was worth it.

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