Bowling actually refers to a series of sports or activities in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a specific target. In pin bowling, the aim is normally to knock over pins at the end of a bowling lane.

Ten-pin bowling has the largest and heaviest pins and is normally played indoors. Ten-pin bowling is bowled using a large ball that has three finger holes. In the target variations, the purpose is normally to get the ball as close to a certain mark as possible. Pin bowling is often played on a flat wooden surface while target bowling is often played on grass or gravel. The most common type of pin bowling is ten-pin and bowls is the most common type in target bowling. It is an enjoyable sport which can be played competitively or for leisure. Bowling dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. Remnants of balls have been found which date back to 3200 B.C. In those times, balls were made using husks of grain, covered in leather, bound with string and some were made of porcelain. There are many health benefits as Blowing is an anaerobic activity, similar to walking. Bowling helps with burning calories while working muscle groups not often exercised. It is a sport easily played by people of an older age group and helps in creating new friendships as well as solidifying old ones.

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Bowling Tips and Techniques – Start Learning Now

By Martin Jamison

Bowling tips and techniques do not start inside the game. They actually cover everything from the moment you enter the bowling alley, and even all the way home if you have your own bowling gear. Which brings us to a point: having your own bowling gear helps, particularly if it is custom-made to suit you.

Custom-made gear carries many advantages, not the least of which is saving money on rentals. If you go to bowl at least once a week, then investing in bowling shoes and a ball will be worth it. In a few months’ time, you would have made back the investment, since you will no longer be renting shoes.

The bowling ball is the first piece of bowling equipment you will want to consider buying. In order to provide maximum performance, your bowling ball must be of the heaviest weight class you can handle easily. The weight provides force and control. A custom-made ball also has the finger-holes drilled properly, so your grip is at its best – not too tight, but not too loose either.

You should also have your own bowling shoes. Bowling shoes should have enough grip for you to stride properly, while being slippery enough to allow controllable slides, which are important for the best bowling swings and releases. By buying a custom pair, you can get a perfect fit for maximum control and comfort – and you can avoid getting someone else’s foot fungi on yourself too.

Equipment is only worth so much if you don’t have the skills, so read up on bowling tips and techniques. Even the best custom-made equipment means little if you can’t even bowl right. A good source of techniques is watching pros on TV and on video discs. Watch their throws and general strategies carefully, and see what you can pick up for yourself.

Lots of inexperienced bowlers forget the slide technique. Basically, you will want to go into a deep knee bend on your last step, keeping the other leg behind you, and sliding forward a bit. This brings the ball much closer to the ground, and also maximizes the energy going forward. The better you do this, the more energy is transmitted into the ball.

Always be aware of your wrist. A lot of amateur bowlers fail to realize this and thus their wrists turn as they release the ball. Though this is quite natural given the weight and speed of the ball, it also means that the ball will not be going in a straight line. The spin is enough to change the trajectory, more often than not ending in the gutter. First, keep your wrist straight. Leave the spins until you get more skilled.

Most of all, always analyze your movements and techniques. If you are getting good scores, then you must be doing something right. Find out what that something is, and refine it until you can do it all the time. Getting good techniques right will bag you higher scores, getting consistent will net you better games!

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