Survival skills are basic techniques used to survive in many different types of dangerous scenarios you may find yourself in. A good example of this would be in a natural disaster or when getting lost in the wilderness. Learning these techniques and practices could possibly save your life. The basics would be to find and disinfect water, find food, make shelter out of natural elements and to understand the possible problems that could arise and how to overcome them. Other helpful skills to learn would be to forage for wild food and know what plants can help with sickness.

Survival skills have developed over thousands of years, but sadly, due to modernisation and our age of industry, many of these techniques are now becoming lost. It is crucial to learn basic survival techniques if you are partaking in the following activities: hiking, fishing and many outdoor wilderness activities.Bush craft and primitive living are becoming quite popular nowadays as people start to venture outdoors – frustrated with the “information overload” of modern technology. Learning how to make fire is one of the most important tasks one can learn to survive in the wilderness. A great way to get started with your bush skills is to go on a course to learn the basic techniques. Practice always makes perfect, so set some time aside to practice your new skills and then you will be able to pass them on to others and keep this vital information alive.

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