Triathlons have three components to them, namely: swimming, cycling and running. The athlete has to complete these three tasks over a specified distance in the best time. The person who does all three in the best time, wins the race. There are transition zones where athletes will store and use the items needed for the race, ie the bicycle, running and swimming gear.

To be able to perform well in this race, you need to be able to Swim, cycle and run. It is not compulsory to be excellent at all three, as sometimes the weaker swimmer catches the others up as the fastest runner and the other way around. The word ‘triathlon’ comes from the Greek word ‘treis’ (three) ‘athlos’ (sport). Some say that it started in France in the 1920’s. The most recognised triathlon these days is the Ironman triathlon and this is set as a goal for many throughout the year. Some people find it difficult to stay motivated, but planning to do a triathlon every year will help you to keep active and motivated towards that goal. Many people find it a great help to schedule events like this throughout the year in order to keep their fitness at optimum levels.

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Useful Tips for Triathlon Swimming

By Swim America

In simple words, Triathlon is a multi-stage competition. Generally, this competition is divided into three disciplines that are swimming, cycling and running. Since 2000, triathlon has been also added in Olympic.

As swimming is the first section of the triathlon race, so it is considered as the most challenging part of it. It requires a correct technique to swim faster and utilizing less energy during swimming. So, to help you out in triathlon swimming, following are some essential and crucial tips for you.

1) Start with Small Distances:-

If you are a new swimmer, then you have to start your training slowly. This means you should start with short distances and have adequate recovery between distances. Overdoing the swimming practice can increase the risk of injury. Moreover, within a short duration, you will become comfortable in the water and more confident with swimming. For beginners, it is an optimal option to start swimming training in a pool.

2) Slowly Increase the Distance:-

Now, once you become comfortable with water, your next goal is to slowly increase your distance without taking a break. Each and every week, you have to enhance your 10% swimming distance. This swimming distance is continuously enhanced until you cover the 10% further swimming length of triathlon race in minimum duration. Therefore, if the swim length in your upcoming triathlon race is 500m, then your target swim distance should be at least 550m in a short time period.
3) Include Various Elements in Swim Session:-

A common mistake that many people make is that the swim session does not include any strength & conditioning work, no technique work and no interval training (speed training with recovery). These are essential elements for becoming a competent and competitive swimmer. Thus, you should ensure that your swim training sessions include strength & conditioning, technique and interval training elements. For this, you can also hire a professional swim coach that can assist you in this.

4) Practice in Open Water:-

It is a crucial tip to perform some swimming practice in open water. This is because open water swimming improves your swim and tumble skills and techniques as entire swim workouts involve swimming up and down the length of the pool at a constant pace. It also provides you an experience of confidence and motivation. One of the main benefits of performing open water swim training is that you get used to having to navigate your way across the water.

At last, it is essential to practice for hours to become a good swimmer in triathlon race. Moreover, you have to focus on swimming techniques in the early stages of your training.

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