Scuba diving is diving and breathing under the water with the appropriate breathing apparatus. Scuba divers will breathe compressed air, which gives them greater freedom to explore the ocean for longer periods of time.

You can scuba dive for many purposes, like recreation, military, scientific research or relic and accident recovery. You would be able to move under the sea using flippers attached to your feet and would usually wear an insulated diving suit. You would use a diving mask for vision, and many other pieces of equipment designed for your safety, enjoyment and for the purpose of the dive. This is a great hobby to learn whilst on holiday, at a leisure facility or anywhere in the world that offers exciting coral reefs to explore and photograph.

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What benefits can you get from scuba diving?

By: Badr Boubker

Scuba diving in Morocco is one such pleasure you just don’t want to miss while on a visit to this magnificent North African country. Though the Atlantic Coast along the country and the Mediterranean are lesser known for diving adventures, but Morocco diving sites have their own story to tell..It’s one of the rare countries of North and West Africa that has so much to offer, in terms of aquatic adventure, to the tourists.

One of the reasons why scuba diving in Morocco has a bright future is the occurrence of favorable geographical conditions in the Straits of Gibraltar, which facilitates some spectacular views of rich oceanic treasures. However, when it comes to finding a world-class scuba diving center in Morocco, the going gets tough, particularly if you are looking for a diving center in Morocco that also offers specialized training.

Terre Azur is one such diving center in Morocco that is well equipped with modern equipment and offers world-class diving services to the tourists in the country. It has dished out an elaborate curriculum for the first-time divers, which includes try dives, so that the initial fear of diving is taken care of by the professional trainers. The professional scuba diving courses are hallmarks of this diving center in Morocco. And the best part is the highly affordable price structure it offers on different diving experiences.

There are not many Morocco diving sites. Thus, you can be rest assured that you get to enjoy the heavenly beauty of under-sea life along with your trainer in an uncrowded manner. Though experience in diving is not a constraint while scuba diving in Morocco, there are still some sites that are suitable for experienced divers only. Of course, if you have trainers in tow, then there’s absolutely no worry about the safety aspect.

Some of the magnificent attractions under water in Morocco plenty of fish species, like dolphins, grouper, conger eel, moray eel, sea bream, barracuda etc. Besides, the amazing natural architecture of under-water features is something that is so very unique to Morocco diving sites.

The government of Morocco has only recently realized the amazing potential of developing and promoting scuba diving facilities in the country. Resultantly, the tourists from around the globe now have another reason to visit this heavenly destination – Scuba Diving. The coming days will witness opening up of more Scuba diving centers in Morocco, but the early birds will always have the advantage of experience, if their services are already world-class. And in this regard, Terre Azur has definitely scored some crucial early points.

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