DIY, or in other words Do It Yourself is the act of making, repairing or building a product on your own, without professional help. This procedure requires great creativity and motivation and is usually undertaken because of the high price of a product, the lack of a product or solution and bad quality products on the market.

The phrase “do it yourself” or DIY started in in the 20th century as we started to see people look towards cost saving activities. DIY has now become extremely popular and covers a wide range of skills. Arts and crafts are DIY activities and because of YouTube tutorials, fashion and styling has become popular too. YouTube has a large amount of tutorial videos based on do it yourself hair, clothing, make-up and jewellery ideas. These tutorials teach you how to make your own trendy clothes from old rags, make-up from special oils and colouring materials or even some beautiful accessories or jewels without spending a lot of money. DIY is becoming increasingly popular among college, university students and teenagers. DIY in and around the home is also a way of cost saving, but can be enjoyable too. You can buy many items from hardware stores which come pre-planned or flat-packed, where you follow instructions and build your own household items. An example of this is to install your own wood flooring, build a garden shed or chicken coop. It is great to build on the skills you learn and get college training in certain specialities. This will enable you to do a quality job, help out friends and family and could possibly turn into a business!

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Judging Whether a Project is a Do-it-Yourself One

By: Vicki Hat
DIY home projects have been gaining popularity these days. As more people are becoming practical, they would now prefer to do additions, home improvements and repairs to themselves. This is a way for them to save money on their home projects as they are able to eliminate labor cost. There is no need to hire a professional to do the job for them and they get things done with the help of DIY tips.

DIY can be advantageous as to cost. As mentioned, the savings can be enormous. Aside from that, it can also be an advantage if you are a meticulous type of person. Doing things on your own gives you the power to fix things up according to your preference. Hence, you can ensure that every detail of the job is according to your specifications.

The only problem is DIY can be a challenge. Not all people have the common knowledge about constructions, improvements and other home projects that involves pounding of nails. Building a room or an improvement takes more than just nails and hammers. If you were to build a new room, you have to consider the features that you want to give the room. And some of that art could become too technical for you to handle on your own, especially if you do not have any technical background of some sort.

Another problem could be safety. If you plan to do things on your own, ask yourself if you can ensure safety. The quality of your project should be good enough and that it should be able to address and structural or architectural concerns. If you fail to do so, you can end up endangering your family and guests. In the end, you might end up being held liable for any injury you have caused to other people. And that just offsets the savings you get from doing the project on your own.

It is true, you can do home improvements for less if you do things yourself. But do you think it will be worth it? If you are able to do things and create results as you have pictured it in your mind, then DIY could be a good idea. However, if it is going to cost you more in the future, rather have someone to do the improvement for you. Or less your DIY project would defeat its purpose.

But do keep in mind that simple home projects are worth doing DIY. You can do painting, changing of light fixtures, redecorating and other stuff that does not involve breaking of walls. In fact, these things you can simply learn over the internet. There are tons of self-help guide that you can read in there. With your interest and your drive to improve your home, it should be easy to get things done. But do not settle for less. If you want to continue with DIY but you are caught up with a lemon, seek the help of a handy man friend. You can always ask for advice or help any time. And what’s good is that you don’t have to pay them because the help comes for a friend.

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