Basketball is an active team sport played by two groups of five players on a court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a board at each end of the court.

Being one of the world’s most popular sports, basketball offers an exciting opportunity to progress and play for your country as well as for regional teams. You can find enjoyment practicing on your own by mounting a hoop to the outside of your house or have fun with your friends by hiring a court for a couple of hours a week. Usually the tallest members of the team are called a center forward, slightly shorter and more agile players are commonly called small forward, and the players who possess the best ball handling skills are called a shooting guard. Even though it is a 10 player game, substitutions are unlimited but only allowed when play has stopped. Teams normally have a coach, who oversees the development and strategies of the team, and other members like assistant coaches, managers and trainers. A Standard uniform usually consists of a pair of shorts and a jersey with a number, printed on the front and back. High-top sneakers are best choice for footwear as they provide extra ankle support. The essential equipment is the ball and the court with baskets at each end. Basketball Schools where students are trained in developing basketball skills, undergo fitness exercises and learn many skills. You can learn the proper ways of passing, ball handling, dribbling, shooting from various distances, rebounding, offensive moves, defense, basketball rules and basketball ethics.

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Basketball – Its More than Just a Sport

By Sam r Smith

Do you consider basketball a mere sport that helps you stay fit?

Then there is a lot for you to learn about basketball and the benefits it offers……..

Basketball is much more than a sport known for passing, rebounding, shooting, defense, fast moving, dribbling and a set of rules. It is both exercise and excitement. Apart from keeping you fit, basketball helps you get social, make new friends, and learn the art of defying failure and overcoming challenges.

Getting access to the sport is as easy as installing a high quality basketball hoop in your courtyard, garage or against the wall of your house. It allows you to enjoy basketball at your personal basketball goal and make the most of the benefits that this great game offers.

Benefits of playing basketball

Health Benefits – Spending an hour at basketball court helps you burn around 630-750 calories. It also aids in building up muscles, improving coordination, and building endurance. Playing basketball daily also promotes cardiovascular fitness and helps you stay in shape and fit.
When you run, dribble, and jump while playing basketball, blood pumping and breathing get accelerated which acts as an amazing workout for your mind and body.

Useful for the Growth of your Child – Basketball is a healthy sport for children. It helps them stay active and enhance their interaction with each other. Playing together for a team’s success also helps kids to realize the importance of cooperation, team work, and hard work while hunting for a common goal.

For a shy child, it instills the virtue of socialization and provides him with the opportunity to meet new people and gain friends. Socialization is very important for a child as it prepares him to become a good citizen

Effective in Stress Relief – A few rounds of shooting at your basketball goal can relieve your stress, anger, and tension. Hitting the mark at the basketball backboard with precision will help you focus on your work when you will return to your work place. The confidence and self-belief you will gain while playing make you face challenges with a better disposition.

Reap the Social Benefits – Basketball is recognized as a social sport. It facilitates cooperation and develops friendships. People of all ages enjoy trying some shots at the basketball hoop. Organizing friendly matches of basketball at weekends at your home will provide you an opportunity to meet with your dear ones and having a wonderful time together.
It not only strengthens your bond with your relatives and existing friends but also helps you in adding new friends to your friendship bouquet.

Why Basketball?

The Basketball as a sport scores over so many others games and sports!
You need not to have a full-fledge playing area for it. You can easily get a basketball system installed anywhere from your backyard to garage space. You can go for a complete basketball court if you have ample space.

Other advantage with this sport is the flexibility. Though the game requires 10 players (5 each side), you can enjoy it alone as well as with 2 to 9 of your friends. Also, you require very less equipment to play this game. Just install a basket ball hoop at a place of your convenience and get access to an unlimited fun and excitement.

About the Author
Sam Smith is the basketball enthusiast and as a creative writer he writes mainly on basketball goal, basketball hoops basketball systems and its parts including basketball backboard and on anything that is related to this wonderful game.

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