Cycling is a great group or singular activity where you can spend time in the open country side, see places of interest and burn some calories while you’re at it. Always be aware of cycling road rules, wear high visibility clothing and a helmet as accidents are fairly common. There are mountain biking trails that you can go on, which take you away from the dangers of the busy roads with some amazing views. The purpose of using a bicycle can be for transportation, recreation or exercising. There are many different types of bikes, including unicycles and tricycles -referring to the number of wheels.

The 19th century saw the invention of the first bicycle and now it is not only a very effective mode of transportation, totally environmentally friendly but also extremely cost-effective, using only manpower to run. One of the many benefits of cycling is easier parking and a fast, easy way to lose weight or just simply stay fit. You are however, still vulnerable to weather changes as well as longer and more tiring travel time. There are some cities, for example London, where even policemen use bikes to get from one place to another. They benefit by beating road traffic congestion and being more agile in public spaces.

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Implement Cycling in Your Family Fun Time

By: Ajeet Khurana

For a lot of families, every day life moves so fast and it seems the larger the family the more on the go everyone is. When you have two parents that both work and children busy with school and extracurricular activities, there is a serious likelihood that quality family time might get overlooked. In our busy society, family fun time is not prioritized ahead of the rest of family life which can lead to parents missing out on precious moments and milestones with their children. Implementing family fun time does not have to be a lengthy or arduous task. Just knowing that Mom and Dad are making a point to spend time with the kids can often be all the assurance children need to feel part of a cohesive family unit.

Parents can involve themselves in the development and growth of their children by adding family fun time during the weekends when the ‘busies’ are a little more scarce than they are during the busy work week. Sports, games, walks, treks or other forms of physical activities can be the ideal family activity. Physical activity is good for both children and adults, and if children can get active at an early age, they will be much less prone to problems such as obesity.

Cycling is a wonderful way to get the family involved in a group activity and every member of the family can participate regardless of their age. For children that are too young to ride a bike, get a seat or carrier installed on your own bike to give your child that connection and bond during family fun time, even if they are not physically able to do the activity. As children grow, use tricycles and then training wheels and then ultimately a two wheeler bike for the big kids to ensure everyone can participate in family fun time. Being a spectator to a child learning to ride the bicycle is such a fantastic experience that it can make a poet of you, and if the entire family can participate in this event, then that child will not only pick up a new skill, but some wonderful boosts on self-esteem and confidence as well.

Whenever you and your family have the opportunity to spend time outside for your family fun times, you can and you should. Cycling is a wonderful way to do this and is something the whole family can enjoy. Even the babies and young children will be rewarded from this activity by being positively influenced by their parents on the merits of regular physical activity and regular time spent with the family. Do not be so un-creative to think that cycling can only take place in your backyard. Install a bike rack on your vehicle so that even when you are on vacation you can enjoy this wonderful activity together as a family.

As your child grows older and when they become an adult, they will look back on these times and memories with fondness and the memories of cycling with the family will influence them positively in their lives. Securing happiness childhood and adulthood for one’s children is what great parenting is all about.

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