Metalworking is when you work with metals, usually by heating and manipulating them to create parts and small or large-scale structures. Metal working can encompass ships,bridges, automotive parts to jewellery and sculptures. There are a wide range of processes, and skills to learn depending on the type of metal working you would like to be doing.

Metalworking as a hobby, usually involves making sculptures, useful items and jewellery. It is an ancient skill that has developed over thousands of years. Some metal working techniques are forming, cutting and joining. Archaeological evidence suggests that copper was one of the oldest metals of choice for ancient civilisations. Copper is processed by hammering it until it becomes brittle, then it is heated and worked on some more. This process continues until the desired item takes shape. It is not too common a hobby, as it requires some workspace like a workshop and perhaps some tools. Once you have researched the items you need, you can make some spectacular items. Many people who have this hobby, end up turning it into a business as you can create many objects and solutions for people.

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Tips on Setting up a Good Welding Business  

By Andrei Smith

Setting up a welding shop isn’t as easy as it seems. People who want to enter in this business should possess technical expertise in many welding practices, know the basics of running a service-oriented enterprise, and, most importantly, understand the importance of following safety procedures. A good welding shop not only protects its welders and employees, but it also looks after its customers by not exposing them to possible hazards caused by welding sparks.

Here are a few tips on setting up a good welding business:

Build a good welding space. Choosing a good space is very important for a successful welding business. Welding is a serious activity and your surroundings should be controlled as much as possible. A good welding shop should be spacious enough that it can store a number of pieces of small and bulky equipment that are necessary for welding. Besides a working space, you’ll also need a specific area for storing materials such as steel and aluminium, as well as welding tables, drill press and saws, and other tools.

Buy the necessary welding tools and accessories. After choosing and setting up a working space, you will need to purchase all the necessary power tools and welding accessories. Welding tools such as angle grinders, metal benders and band saws will come in handy in most welding projects. Other important tools include magnetic clamp, C-clamp, drill press, corner clamp, cold chisel and hacksaw. This is not a complete list of metal working tools but is basically a good place to begin with.
Your welding equipment should match the kind of welding you intend to do. Not all welding equipment are created the same. The type of welder you need depends on the kind of welding projects you intend to do. TIG welding, for instance, provides splatter-free and welding welding of sheet metals like aluminum. Electric arc welding is very handy for repairing a number of metals. MIG, on the other hand, is usually used in joining metals with a rougher weld. Take note that welding machine may come with different functions and utilities, so selecting one is a matter of understanding your intended client base and your skills as a welder.

Safety equipment is also important in welding. Follow all the safety measures to protect your workers and clients. Stock your shop with an ample supply of welding safety gears such as helmets, leather gloves, welding sleeves, boots and aprons. An emergency medical equipment is also essential in case of accidents. Keep one or two fire extinguishers on hand too. The welding area must always be equipped with a fire blanket and a well-stocked first aid kit.

Do some marketing and advertising. A good welding business must be able to keep the cash flow coming in. You should strive to track of old clients and try to gain the trust of new ones through referrals and advertising. Distributing posters and flyers is always a good idea. You can also post advertisements online. However, the best form of advertising is still through referrals. If you have customers that are satisfied with your work, ask them to refer you to other prospective clients.

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