Badminton is a social sport played by two or four players. The players score points by striking a shuttlecock (also called a shuttle or birdie) with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents’ half of the court. The shuttlecock is a feathered or plastic projectile which makes it fly differently from the balls used in most other racquet sports. The feathers create much higher drag in the air, which causes the shuttlecock to fall down more rapidly than a ball. They have a higher top speed and because the shuttlecock is affected by the wind, badminton is usually played indoors.

Badminton is also played outdoors as a fun recreational activity in the garden or on the beach. Badminton is an Olympic sport that can be highly competitive. Playing the sport will increase your fitness levels, stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. It is technical as well, requiring good coordination and clever racquet movements. Badminton rackets are lightweight, easy to carry around and store away. Once players have mastered the basic strokes, they can hit the shuttlecock to any part of the court with accuracy and precision. Badminton players cover a short distance as quickly as possible and have to learn to try and read the other players strokes. Deception by a player tricks the other into believing that a different stroke is being played. This is both a social game you can play with family and friends and a competitive world class sport.

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Some Advantages Of Playing Badminton

By Thomas D. Mickel

Badminton is one of the easiest and interesting sports to play. No wonder it has managed to catch the fancy of countless since ages. While this sport engages the player and offers fun, it can provide a large number of fitness benefits too.

Speaking of fitness benefits, the 1st benefit worth a mention is that it helps lower the cholesterol level. It goes a long way in decreasing LDL in the body which is better known as the bad cholesterol. As the overall cholesterol levels begin to decrease, you get freedom from the problem of regular cholesterol build up in your body which in turn is the first factor behind health problems such as cardiac arrest.

Yet another benefit of playing badminton is that it aids in promoting a healthy heart. Playing the sport on a regular basis, strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also improves the flow of blood towards the heart. Further on, it promotes a normal and regular heart rate ensuring a better heart.

Yet another advantage of playing badminton is that it boosts the immunity levels. Many researches and reports have recommended that playing this sport for at least half an hour on daily basis could go at length in improving the immunity of the body. Since, playing this game helps keep all body functions in order, it is pretty natural that the immunity of body too will go up.

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Weight loss is an obvious health benefit of playing badminton. The sport is quite strenuous and involves rigorous physical activity, which subsequently helps you lose weight. Moreover, the sport is also said to improve the metabolic function, which additionally contributes to weight loss.

However, you can’t solely depend on this sport to knock off all the unwanted pounds. After all, it would take too long to shed weight by playing badminton alone. If you are looking for quicker way to lose weight, switch to effective alternates like Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant.

Odds of developing osteoporosis are noticeably reduced if you’re a regular at the sport. Badminton is popular to increase bone density as well as improve bone strength. This lowers the chances of breaking of bones significantly. This makes the sport all the more advantageous for ladies.

So, in case you wish to avail all the provided fitness advantages, it makes sense to practice the sport dedicatedly everyday.

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