Archery, historically used for hunting and combat, is an ancient sport that has really started to gain popularity in the 19th century. It is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity these days. With the development of firearms, bows became obsolete in warfare and in the 19th century the first attempts to turn a recreational activity into a modern sport was seen.

Most archers wear a bracer/arm-guard for protection from being hit by and to prevent clothing from catching the string. Some archers also wear chest guards for protection. The drawing fingers are normally protected by a leather thumb ring – a simple tab of leather. A release aid can help to give a crisp and precise release of arrows from a compound bow. Competitive archery – the most popular form being target archery, involves shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from a set distance or distances. Field archery, involves shooting at targets set at various distances in a wooded setting. Archery is an exciting competitive sport that you can take along with you wherever you go and as with any skill, practice makes perfect!

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A Growing Love for Archery

By Bart Icles

Archery is classic example of a sport that requires concentration and precision. And while most people think that only adults can become archers, there is a growing number of young people who are starting to become archery enthusiasts.

Young people often see bows, arrows, and archers in movies and computer games. This is one factor why there are kids who become fascinated with the world of archery, inspiring them to take on this age-old sport.

The recent years have witnessed how young archery enthusiasts have defined a new market that bow manufacturers can cater to. One such company is Martin Archery. Martin Archery has spent time, effort, and money to develop archery equipment for the young. They have even created a unique and high quality line of youth bows. Martin Archery has both compound and traditional bows for youngsters.

Young people’s growing interest in the world of archery has not only defined a new market, it also required manufacturers to enforce and observe new quality measures to ensure safety while children take aim. Archery is indeed a great and interesting pastime for any kid. However, parents and guardians must see to it that young archers must have high performance and, most importantly, safe gear.

Youth bows often have special safety mechanisms like arrow captures. Bows made for youngsters also have easily adjustable draw weights and sights. Youth bows are also made for use by both left- and right-handed kids. Manufacturers also invest time, money, and energy on designing youth bows that produce no shock or impact. Youth bows from Martin Archery meet these basic requirements and they company has even more to offer.

Archery equipment for young archers must not only be safe and of top quality, they must also be fun. These facilitate how children can get hooked to a great hobby or sport. With safe, high-performance, and fun equipment, children can sure look forward to more fun archery sessions.

At Martin Archery, young people do not only have a selection of bows made specifically for them, they can also choose from a collection of youth archery sets. These packages give young archers options that can best suit their needs. Youth archery sets include durable traditional or compound bows, belt quivers with three durable arrows, 303 hand-made armguards, 202 finger tabs, and colorful 4366 targets.

Quality equipment from Martin Archery truly guarantees a fun introduction to archery and can give young enthusiasts priceless smiles.

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