Golf is played using a club and ball. The object of the game is to hit the golf ball into specified holes on a golf course in the fewest amount of strokes possible. There are many places to play the sport, on an open green, a small course at carnivals and driving ranges to practice your swing. There are usually 9 or 18 holes in a course and a game can vary in time depending on how many players are in the game. Every course is unique, including a range of landscape features like lakes and hills to make it interesting. The different lengths of grass vary in order to increase difficulty and some holes may also bend making it even more of a challenge.

It is believed that golf was first played in the 15th century, in Scotland. But it can also be traced back to the sport of paganica from the Romans. Players used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball around a course. It is a very popular, social sport and many people who play it are members of golf clubs. It is important to get initial lessons when you start so that you can perfect your swing. Starting with a good foundation will help you to develop good habits and make it easier and more enjoyable in the long run.

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Rules for Playing Golf

By: Gary Gao


Although the commencement of golf is linked with Scotland, historical scholars have reported ancient accounts of golf are said in history as far back as the Roman Empire. Golf also surfaced in a great many other places, including the Netherlands. From its commencement, golf was a sport with prescribed clothing – no jerseys wholesaler necessary for this burgeoning sport.

The first golf club in the world was erected in Scotland – the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, in 1744. The club wrote up the initial set of laws of the competition. About 10 years later, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews became the official administering agency for the golf. Though there are accounts of golf near this time in the American colonies, the 1st golf club in North America actually was built in Canada in Montreal in 1873. Golf clubs opened in the following years in Unite States and the United States Golf Association was soon developed. The USGA and the Royal and Ancient are now the greatest ruling outfits in the world of golf.


From its initial days, golf has been a sport apart from most others. There is no physical touch involved, and courtesy and decorum are two of the most significant components of golf. Until the 1940s, golfer chose shirts and ties, a hellish situation for the jersey wholesalers who are so involved in many of today’s sports.

Golf is played on a course that usually includes eighteen holes with groups of between 2 and four players. The laws of golfing prescribe that golfers can carry no more than 14 clubs. Today’s regulations also detail what variety of technology is allowed in golf clubs. The golf holes vary in length from about one hundred and thirty yards to over six hundred yards. Each hole is given numerous strokes that equals “par”, or the typical acceptable score on that hole. The number of strokes extends for 3 to 5. The objective of golf is for golfers to shoot the ball from the tee to the green, and then into the hole, in the smallest number number of strokes. Many courses have par totals for the round between seventy and seventy-two. A golfer who beats par on a hole by one stroke has a “birdie”; while scoring 2 strokes under par on a hole is called an “eagle” and is unusual. A golfer who gets the tee shot into the hole on a Par three hole records an eagle that is called a “hole-in-one”.

A stroke-play match is won by the player with the smallest number total shots for the 18-holes. Professional golf tournaments customarily occur over four days. In match play golf, a player plays heads-up versus his or her rival. The golf player who wins the most holes is confirmed the champion of the match. If the score is even after 18 holes, the match carries on until the first golf athlete wins a hole.

Golf, once dubbed the gentlemen’s game, maintains much of the flavor of its beginning years. Golf players don’t wear ties, but the clothing worn is more reserved and rules rely on athletes policing themselves.

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