Knitting is the use of yarn to create fabric by interlocking it together using sticks. You create multiple loops around a knitting needle called stitches and then close the stitches off one by one. There are many open stitches on the knitting needle at one time, unlike crochet where each stitch in is completed before moving on to the next one. As you progress through one row on the knitting needle, a new loop is then pulled through one loop from the row before it, then it can be pulled off the knitting needle.

There are such things as knitting machines, but you can have more fun and get a sense of achievement form knitting by hand. There are many different types of materials to knit with that have different thickness’s and specks of gold etc.There are also many different needle sizes, and stitch types which play an important role in the outcome of your completed fabric’s weight, feel, waterproofing and uses. Knitting was actually created for items that need to stretch around your body like socks and hosiery. The great thing about knitting is that it is portable, in the way that it can be put away and commenced at any time.You can do it in a wide variety of places. Learning to knit is easy enough with the wide range of online tutorials available but you need to decide what you would like to knit in order to buy the right type of yearn and the right sized needles.

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Knitting is good for you!

By Katherine Foster

Here are some fantastic reasons why Knitting is good for you. Hobbies keep us active in mind and body. They occupy our free time with constructive activity which results in creativity and a fulfilling sense of achievement.

1. Knitting forces us to sit and rest out bodies for a while. – If you have an extremely busy working life and family life, one where you are always on your feet or in highly stressful situations, it can be difficult to stop and rest. WE get so used to rushing about even if we sit our minds continue to rush around! Knitting forces us to sit, relax and breathe slowly and deeply as we concentrate on knitting each stitch. It is the perfect pass time to pick up and focus upon if you are worrying about work or in any stressful situation. It makes you sit, breathe relax and focus on something else less tiring and stressful.

2. Knitting teaches patience! – If you are knitter you will know how patience is required. Unless you are a highly experienced and fast knitter, this is not a speedy pass time. It takes time, care and effort to knit a complete item or garment. Al the best well-made crafts do take time and they do require patience. Today’s modern life makes us very used to instant gratification. This is not always emotionally healthy for us. It is good for us to have to work for an outcome, to make something and to take our time to ensure it is the best it can be. Get creative, make mistakes, create, start again,, re-do it, but always finish it!

3. Something to work towards – Too often life is like a hamster wheel. We do the same things and follow the same routines and the same journeys day in and day out for years. No wonder so many people suffer from depression! The obligatory two or three week vacation per year will not necessarily make up for this long term monotony. Knitting and other fine crafts are wonderful ways to give ourselves small to medium term goals to work toward. They allow is to continue learning and developing skills over time. Any home knitter will tell you that over time they have knitted many different items and garments and very rarely do the same thing over and over again. Knitting is a hobby that gives you goals to set for yourself and which you can add variety and interest too. It gives you the gentle change you need every day to stay sane in an increasingly regimented world.
4. It is relaxing. – Beginners who are struggling to hold knitting needles and wool, and do the correct stiches without dropping them may disagree! However, over-all knitting is known as a highly relaxing past-time. It is used widely in many different therapies including treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Occupational therapists have used crafts like knitting for many years as successful methods of engaging patients in creative pursuits. On an individual basis, knitting can help you unwind and take your focus off worrying or unhealthy thoughts. It relaxes your breathing and mind and centres it on a much gentler pattern of thoughts and actions.

5. Knitting does not have to be solitary. – Knit with friends! Many people who have taken up knitting have formed friendships by joining a knitting circle or inviting friends to join a small group of knitters. This is a well know practice. History shows women got together to knit, sew, patchwork and embroider together. They formed close communities of support and friendship while enjoying a hobby and raft together.

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