Running is a cardiovascular activity that can be for recreational or transportation purposes. The different names for running depend on the speed at which the runner is moving forward, sprinting is a very fast activity whereas jogging is slower.

Running is a very popular sport, and there are many applications you can use on your mobile phone to track your speed, distance and progression. There are also many different items of clothing, footwear and accessories you can purchase to make your experience that much better. You can listen to music or learn a new language whilst running by using your mobile phone and headphones – the time does not have to be wasted. Even though you can purchase many items to help you with your run, many professional sportsmen and woman will give one piece of advice – just run! Practice is everything and you will find the ability to run further and further become easier and easier. You can incur an injury whilst running, and it is advised to consult your GP to get advice before you over exert yourself. Among the many benefits of running is weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, fitness, stronger bones, improved emotional stability and self-esteem. Running can be done alone or in a group, making it a sociable activity, enjoyed by many all over the world.

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Running for Weight Loss

By: Simon Duffy

Lots of people, including myself, start running because they want to loose weight. Because running is probably one of the hardest cardiovascular exercises you can do, for most people it is an very good way to burn calories and start shedding the weight.

You need to remember that healthy eating should be part of your weight loss program because you will only loose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. So, for example if you loose a pound in weight then you have to burn around 3500 calories, which means you should think about running AND healthy eating to loose weight efficiently.

If your running, like mine, turns into a more serious sport for you, then you could consider racing in 5K or 10K races, or even look into training for a half marathon or even full marathon distance, which is 26.2 miles. I’d recommend that you first start building up you weekly training program and see if you can run up to around 10 miles. Of course the longer distance you run, the slower your pace should be.

Anyway back to healthy eating! Runners sometimes start to eat more food and load up with too many calories, putting on weight even though they’re training! If you think you might be falling into this trap then have you ever though of keeping a food diary? The best thing you can do is look at how much you’re eating, when and where.

The other main point with running to loose weight is that you really need to run on a regular basis. By regular basis I mean every day if you can! If this isn’t possible, certainly to begin with you will need to ensure you rest adequately between training runs, then I suggest 3 times a week or more.

Finally, after your body becomes used to your training program and you’re finding that running 5 miles or so, 3 times a week is fairly comfortable for you, you need to start mixing up your training. A good way to do this is to introduce speed training to your routine – this sounds like more pain!? Speed training is essentially running very fast for short period of time, having a similar short resting period where you jog or walk, and the run very fast again for the same period of time. You should repeat this process so you are running fast for 4 or 5 times, resting in between each fast run. This is called interval training, and it will help you burn more calories, plus increase your slower, long distance running pace, over time.

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