Crochet is when you are creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn together using the crochet hook. The name of this creative hobby originated from the French word ‘crochet’, which means“small hook”. The crochet hook can be made of many different types of materials, such as metal, wood or plastic – being the most common. The main difference between crocheting and knitting, is that each stitch in crocheting is completed before moving on to the next one, whereas knitting keeps a large number of stitches open at a time on the knitting needle.

We first saw an example of crocheted fabric in Europe during the 19th century, but there have been signs of even earlier crocheting activities. After World War II, there was a re-emergence of interest in home crafts. Crocheting also became very popular at that time, especially in the USA where many new crochet designs were invented and published in various magazines, books and articles. Even though crocheting went through a phase of unpopularity, we have now seen a big revival of interest in handcrafts and DIY activities. Crocheting is a hobby that you can turn into a small business quite easily, as well as being fun and imaginative.

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You Can Do This – Learn How to Crochet

By Beverly Frank

If you are not lucky enough to have an older relative who crochets you may be wondering where you can learn this fun craft. Crocheting has never been more popular than it is today. People of all ages and both sexes have taken up crochet. Crochet is a great craft to do since it is highly portable, does not cost a lot to do and requires little space. In addition you can dedicate a few minutes to your latest crochet project on the bus or train or spend hours crocheting to your heart’s delight and still emerge with a fun and creative project. Best of all crocheting is not hard to learn. Like most things it only requires practice to get better which then allows the crafter to take on more complicated projects. But if you are looking to learn how to crochet here are some resources for you to check out:

Ask a friend or relative-One of the best ways to learn anything is from someone who is already experienced. Crochet has always been a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you are not lucky enough to have an aunt or grandmother who crochets, find someone who does. This can be a wonderful way to preserve a crafting legacy and reconnect with someone from another generation. Best of all those who have crocheted for many years may have hooks, patterns and other materials that are no longer readily available in your craft store.
Attend a class-Crafts remain as popular as ever and many craft stores now offer a full complement of classes for would-be crafters of all types. Many of these classes focus strictly on crochet. You can choose to start with a beginner class and work your way up to more advanced projects. This can be a helpful way to learn how to crochet since you will not have to feel awkward (since everyone will be starting just like you) and you will have an expert teacher on hand should you run into a problem or have a question. Many people who take up crochet this way also report that one of the best benefits of learning crochet this way is the friends they make during classes. Best of all these classes are often offered at a reasonable rate (and often include free patterns) making this a cost-effective way to learn how to crochet.
Check out books and magazines-Crochet has turned into a business as well. Today there are many books and magazines that are devoted strictly to the craft of crochet. While this may be a little harder way to learn how to crochet, several of these publications offer step by step instructions for many stitches and some will even offer free patterns. If you can not find a friend or relative to teach you and do not have a craft store nearby then make a stop at the library to gain some crochet information.
Learn online-Like everything else, crochet has moved to the web. Today you can find literally hundreds of sites about crochet. Best of all the web can offer step by step instructions with pictures or video that can be helpful when trying to learn crochet. There are videos to watch, sites to check out and hundreds of crochet patterns that are available simply by clicking onto your computer. In addition many people who crochet purchase their supplies online. There are shopping sites that are strictly devoted to selling the hooks, patterns and yarn you will need with the ease of having it delivered right to your doorstep. Since crochet has become very much a community craft there are also thousands of free patterns online for virtually any type of project that you want to crochet.

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Article Source: You Can Do This – Learn How to Crochet

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