Rugby can be played as a hobby with friends or a profession as a form of employment. The game of rugby uses an oval ball that is then thrown backwards to players in your team. Players can encroach further on the opposing team’s territory by throwing the ball or kicking it. To score a try in rugby, you need to make your way into the opposing team’s goal area and place the ball on the ground. You must be in contact with the ball whilst doing this to be granted your points.

There are quite a few more rules to the game of Rugby, but once you have learnt all of the technical points, it becomes a very enjoyable sport especially for schools. If you would like to learn to play rugby, you can join a rugby club. It is a very social sport with many of the players becoming life-long friends. A great way to keep fit and increase your social group of friends, rugby is a well-known sport and hobby for all age groups.

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It is all about rugby

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Rugby is a favourite sport especially among the male fraternity. It is a form of football that is played with an oval ball. The ball may be kicked, passed from hand to hand or carried. Points are scored when the ball is grounded just behind the goal line of the opponents or by being kicked between two posts and over the cross bar of the other teams’ goal. Being a game that is likely to result in injuries, it is important for the players to invest in protective rugby kits. A rugby kit consists of a rugby jersey, headgear, shorts and boots. Other accessories include a helmet, knee guard, shoulder guard, ankle guard, body cushion, show with spikes and a shin guard.

Rugby team wear

The rugby team wear consist of tops and bottoms for women, men and juniors. Other accessories in the team wear include bags, hats, socks and balls. The tops are designed in various ways. The men and juniors have polos, t-shirts, vests, mid layers, hoodies and jerseys while women have t-shirts and hoodies. For the bottoms, we have leisure shorts, leggings and track suits.

Rugby jerseys

Rugby Jerseys come in various collar designs, sizes and materials. The traditional rugby jerseys had a full collar. The collar consisted of large fold over and a button in the front. The full collar jersey often projects a classic look but some people feel that the collar is not necessarily needed. Most rugby teams still wear this kind of jersey.
The athletic collar jersey has no collar at all. It resembles a regular t-shirt and may have a front button. This kind of jersey is more fitting around the neck/shoulder region compared to the full collar one. The rugby jerseys are mostly made from 100 per cent cotton jerseys, poly cotton blend, sublimated (100 % ) polyester and the barbarian profit. The Barbarian profit is a blend of spandex and polyester. However, 100 percent cotton is the original material for the jersey. It has several advantages such as durability, ability to retain warmth during cold seasons, easy to clean and has a classic look. The downside is that it is not good at managing moisture.

Rugby headgear

The rugby headgear is a crucial item in the Rugby Kit. The headgear is meant to protect the head and ears during the game. They come in different sizes. The smallest headgear is approximately 52-53 centimetres while the largest is 58-59 centimeters. Prices of the headgear range from 9.99 to 60 and above Australian dollars. It is important to purchase a headgear that is certified by the International Rugby Board. There are also custom made headgears based on the buyer’s preference and likes.


Prior to purchasing any item in the rugby kit, it is important to ensure that they are approved by the relevant authorities. Investing in quality team wear may be expensive bit it will save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary expenses in the future. For those who prefer custom made jerseys and any other item in the kit, they are readily available. Items such as balls, bags and jerseys may be branded to meet the needs of the buyer.

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