Squash is a two-four player racket sport. This game is played on a court with four walls and a hollow rubber ball. The point of the game is to propel the ball by hitting it with the racket onto the assigned surface. Each player has a turn to hit the ball. Squash was first invented at Harrow School in 1830. It spread onto neighbouring schools, and now it is a world renowned activity.

Originally, the rackets were made from wood, but now they are constructed out of a light weight material, engineered for performance. The balls themselves are made from rubber, with different compounds depending on the speed and movement required. Playing squash is a sociable and cardiovascular activity guaranteed to improve your fitness and hand eye coordination. In just 60 minutes of a squash game, you can use up to 1000 calories making this sport excellent for weight loss. Most leisure centres provide squash courts and a place to hire the equipment needed.

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