There are two ways to love a game; watching and playing. If you are fond of the latter then it is imperative for you to have equipment that helps you enjoy the game to the maximum.

Selecting a badminton racket is based on evaluation, analysis, experience, intuition and feel. I will discuss a few basics here; try to make the best out of it. Your equipment and its usage evolve, along your playing technique. Subsequently, each of us badminton lovers will have different way of selection rackets. Let’s say two years from now, if you continue playing regularly and frequently, your approach to game will be way improved.

Mainstream brands are Yonex, Carlton, Wilson, Head and Prince along with few minor ones. While you are still trying to get a hang of your game, it is good to find a racket that becomes an extension of your body, so that you can apply your reflexes with perfect ease.

I will begin with racket strings; strings are the meat of your racket, this is the point of contact and this is where, you will enjoy the game and its feel. Backhand, forehand, serve, smash, you’ll love it all. Hence, if you choose the right set of strings, the game will grow on you and you will start feeling these strings more vibrantly. Strings are of two basic types. Thicker and thinner, while I would not like you to delve in the details of measurements, I would inform you enough to match your skill profile. High string tension and low string tension are the two ways to knit the strings. While high tension can be good for speed and power; low tension can be good for accuracy and control. I would remind you again that it is subjective and debatable because it essentially dependent on your physique, posture, wrist power and the various muscles that co-ordinate when you pull that smash on shuttle.

The body of a badminton racket can be found in full steel, carbon fibre composite (graphite re-enforced plastic), basic ones still can be found in low graded wood, which is not durable and not enjoyable to play with. Carbon fiber is good for all.

Badminton rackets are found in many shapes, two extensively available are oval and isometric. You can pick them based on your personal liking and style; it’s just a matter of taste. The size and shape (with respect to limits) are standardized. Oval shape has been revered since many decades but isometric is gaining widespread popularity and thus is available in highly stylized designs, and colors.

Choosing appropriate rackets that suit your speed and physique is vital to avoid injuries. Thus, when selecting, make sure you try the racket yourself before purchase it, internet buying is highly not recommended. Before purchasing, whip it around see if it is not heavy on your wrist, balances well and easy on your shoulders. Check the strings, how you’d like to prefer them, a medium tension knot is good for all. And by the time you preferences will emerge, you will know what your ideal choice should be.

By Vance Ryan

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