Treasure hunters are usually professionals, however metal detecting can be enjoyed by both beginners and hard-core professionals. Do you know that production of metal detectors has changed dramatically over the years? You see, what’s great about metal detectors is its versatility. There are detectors out there that can be used to hunt on land, and some for underwater detecting, same way that there are metal detectors designed for beginners, advanced or professional users.

Now, if you’re interested in buying a metal detector for beginners and even children, but you’re not sure which one to choose, here are some tips:

Consider your child’s age, height as well as weight before buying a metal detector. There are light weight metal detectors for children as well as metal detectors that have light weight coils as well as uncomplicated technology to confuse beginners and even children. Just turn it on and discriminate, sensitize and go. After which, the hardest part, you will choose the perfect metal detector for your junior.

Here are our top picks that can help you and your child, a beginner get started with the bonding:

Treasure Hunter Navigator Plus

This $99 metal detector offers so much than any other detector in its price range. Treasure Hunter Navigator Plus is a user-friendly detector that can be both for beginners and advanced users. This goes with a built-in Automatic Ground, so for your convenient sake, the hardest in metal detecting has been eliminated: Ground Balancing. The Navigator Plus is a user-friendly-but-professional-level metal detector that is easy to operate, highly rugged, lightweight, and extremely efficient in the field because of its feature that balances mineralization while you detect. It’s suitable for anyone, young or otherwise.

The All Vision Pro Metal Detector
This costs $114. Equipped with a powerful Z-96 Computer Microprocessor which combines with Treasure Hunters Patented Technology, this metal detector offers better performance, and more features unlike any other that’s within its price range. Its ultimate benefit is the tremendous accuracy it gives to hunters— whether you’re sweeping the waterproof 8” coil ultra fast or ultra slow, it can detect targets with fantastic accuracy. This is also operational with auto ground balance so as to eliminate the toughest part out of detecting. With adjustable handle, comfortable handle grip and cool features, this detector can definitely make hunting worthwhile.

Treasure Hunter Voyager Pro

Here’s the catch: buy this for $99 only, and this detector offers you to find more treasure, and less trash. This user-friendly detector is equipped with features of “Tone Discrimination”—it gives a high tone for gold and silver, and “Full Discrimination” which rejects trash when detected. This detector is streamlined in appearance, with three operating controls and a mode selection switch, also, the Voyager Pro has auto tuning, or fine tuning for greater sensitivity. Detecting in altering ground conditions from salt wet beaches to highly mineralized inland sites with no loss of sensitivity is no difficulty for Voyager Pro.

The hobby is both fun and educational for the young and adults. Treasure hunting presents a great chance for learning about local and national history while searching for valuables and new sites to explore. From children to veterans and anyone in between, the hobby has so much to offer.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy hunting with your kids, and who knows, they might be the ones to unearth a treasure chest of gold.