Bonsai gardening can be an extremely relaxing and rewarding hobby. This world old Japanese tradition is waiting for your participation. First, you should buy your bonsai tree from an excepted dealer who is proficient in the field.. After you buy your bonsai tree look around and see if there is a club nearby that you could go to for tips. Now that you have your plant you can no find a location and start to take care of it. There is no specific volume of watering that is needed, however Bonsai do need a lot of water and often, this can vary from species to species. Just be sure to keep the soil damp or you could risk dehydrating the tree and possibly killing it. Too much water can cause root rot which will undoubted cause its death. It takes patience and care to get the hang of thingsBonsai plants will grow masterfully in the outdoors with plenty of sunlight.A good place is near the side of a building where it will get some sun and shade throughout the day. This will help especially on really hot days. I have my Banyan Fig next to my door wall; it gets good morning sun and then is shaded for the remainder of the day. Not to mention I get to enjoy it through the window.Bonsais trees will need to be replanted about every 2 years as they do continue to grow. Local Bonsai places usually have classes or can offer good advice on this as well. Pruning is the most rewarding and noticeable act in caring for bonsai trees. Concave shears should be used when manicuring your bonsai. A concave cutter prunes the plant without leaving a stub and leaves the bonsai looking great. Pruning can be a fearsome challenge at first but you should get past these early butterflies as practice makes perfect. Bonsai gardening can be a fun and easy way to relax as well creating a visual representation of what you imagine. Bonsais can last for years, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first. You have the rest of your life to improve upon and master your gardening skills.

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