When renovating the home, nothing keeps costs to a minimum more than doing the work yourself. Servicemen (and women) generally charge quite a sum, and if you need quite a few minor jobs doing it’s definitely worth giving it a go yourself.

Whilst trying a day in overalls can save you money, there’s always the potential (and main reason why people call in professionals) that things could go horribly wrong. The worst part is, true DIY disasters can cost more in repairs than the initial job itself, not to mention the fact that your self-esteem will take a blow too!

In order to safeguard yourself from falling foul to a DIY failure you need to be aware of the possible risks the job entails and the extent of your knowledge and expertise in the area of work. In addition, there are 5 simple rules to follow which can help further prevent you from a hefty repair bill.

Conduct regular home maintenance checks

Maintenance checks on the home are severely underrated. On many home improvement blogs there are hundreds of posts which mention ways in which you can improve the appearance of your home, but what about its functionality and structure? Rather than worrying about the colour of your walls, you should check for electrical, plumbing and structural problems. Save getting a new carpet fitted until you’ve fixed that leaking roof!

Know your DIY limits

Sometimes in life you have to swallow your pride and except defeat, particularly if you’re out of your depth. If you are trying to take on a DIY renovation project which you secretly know is too big for you then consider calling in a professional to do the work. Not only could you end up ruining the appearance of your home through error, you could also compromise the safety of your family. Always leave electrical jobs to a qualified electrician.

Get creative when it comes to sourcing the right tools

Although doing the handiwork yourself can save money on service charges, getting the tools and materials for the job can turn out to be more expensive than you first anticipated. Before buying power tools ask family members, friends and neighbours if they have the power tool to lend you whilst you complete the work.

Failing that, browse eBay and Amazon for second hand models which you can purchase for cheaper. If the tool’s quite obscure then visit the hardware store, but remember you can always sell the tool after use if you have no cause to use it again.

Don’t skimp on preparation

Before getting stuck into your DIY tasks make sure you prepare the room properly. Ruining furniture, carpets and wall coverings can make a seemingly small job turn into an expensive operation. Remove as much furniture from the room as possible and cover larger items which can’t be removed.

Dust sheets can be used to protect your floor covering too, as some DIY tasks may risk ruining your flooring if it’s exposed. Dust sheets also make the post-work clean-up task considerably easier (you don’t want a massive clean-up job after a hard day’s DIY!)

Make safety your number one concern

This is probably the most important aspect of all of them – care for yourself as well as your home. DIY can be the source of many accidents, both minor and fatal. Always make sure you have the protective clothing necessary to reduce the risk of harming yourself whilst working. Read the instructions of new power tools before using them too, some make operate differently than others.

The main thing to remember is that DIY can be a great way to save money on home remodelling and repair costs. DIY disasters however, can amplify the problem further. If you’ve had any DIY disasters then share them with us in the comments below – you may prevent someone else from making the same mistake!
About the Author
Written by Stephanie Staszko for PPE rubber seals this post was originally published on Build Direct and can be found here

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