When approaching landscaping and gardening design, many homeowners neglect to look up! Yes, we all tend to forget about the possibilities for vertical gardening. Vertical spaces can provide exciting new dimensions and help make the most of even the smallest spaces. Shade, privacy, depth and intrigue are all bonuses that come to the upward reaching garden. Likewise, think of all the back strain you can avoid by not having to constantly crouch! In today’s market, where curb appeal is more than necessary to sell your home, you’ll want to explore all gardening options. So don’t be directionally stubborn and look up to the skies for your curb appeal inspiration.

Some products on the market that are ideal for vertical gardening include planters with attached trellises, flat-backed pots, living-wall products and outdoor shelving units.

A tip for smaller gardens aiming to appear more spacious is to position vertical elements away from walls and fences. Placing items so that they hug the perimeter only accentuates the smallness of a space. Instead try setting up a segment of trellis as a free standing wall. Then you can add a potted plant or two in front of the trellis and create a multi-dimensional seating area. With this simple gardening solution you can compartmentalize areas more effectively.

Another important tip to take note of is that you don’t want to have any vertical structure that is more than one third of your yard’s width. Anything higher than this will have the opposite effect you’re aiming for and will tend to monopolize the space and dwarf your efforts. As a rule of thumb 1.8 meters is a good height to go by.

In terms of plant selections, climbers are the obvious choice and work to soften lines and create a multi-tiered effect. Try honeysuckle, clematis, or jasmine to trellis up a wall, along a fence or through an arbor. For great container plants and flowers try sweet peas, black-eyed susans, Spanish Flags and nasturtiums.

Espaliered shrubs with loose, open habits like camellia, euonymus can add a dramatic effect to any small garden space.

Often gardeners think of using vertical dimensions when it comes to disguising a sore spot like hydro pole or wires. But think of the flip side – to use vertical gardening to create something undeniably beautiful on the opposite side of the sore spot. Direct attention to the height of beauty you’ve created!

Article source: Expert Articles