Without the right golf equipment, a golfer may have a hard time playing a good round of golf. This is because golf equipment comes in a variety of sizes, weights and shapes, and each individual piece of golf equipment works to help the player maximize his potential in the game. Golf equipment encompasses a variety of items, including golf balls, clubs and shafts, carrying bags, markers for golf balls, gloves to protect the golfer’s hands during play, towels to wipe up perspiration, special shoes to grip the soft, uneven terrain often found outdoors, tees and other accessories to make golfing easier and more convenient.

Let’s start with the golf ball, an essential piece of golf equipment. The golf ball has a minimum diameter of 42.67mm, and a maximum weight of 45.93g. Golf balls were originally made out of leather and feathers, but modern designs incorporate the use of synthetic materials put together in two, three or four layer designs. Golf balls can have soft covers (which translate into higher spin, more “feel” and easier stopping) or hard covers (longer distances during play). Today’s golf balls may also use RFID technology, which helps the golfer to pinpoint the exact location of a lost ball.

Golf clubs are categorized as woods, irons and putters. There are also wedges, but these are used for very short shots. Woods are used for long shots done from a tee or fairway. Putters are often used on the green, and in many mini-golf courses.

Shafts are used between the grip and the club head of golf clubs. The shaft has a profile that is circular in shape, and it is thicker at the grip end than at the club head end. Most of today’s shafts are made of tempered steel or graphite, though some specialty shafts may use titanium or aluminum, or follow yesterday’s design of hickory wood. Shafts can also be tapered, either in steps or in one smooth fashion.

Golf equipment can be carted around from course to course with the use of golf bags. Golf bags can be made of nylon and/or leather, and are designed in a cylinder shape wrapped around a plastic frame, so that golf clubs can be securely transported in them. In addition, golf bags have many different pockets to organize and transport other types of golf equipment and supplies. Golf bags can come with large straps for over the shoulder carrying, or they can be pulled or pushed on a two-wheel pull cart or golf cart during play.

Article source: Expert Articles