Developing the proper arm swing for running is more than just about the manner in which an athlete is trained to run. Sure, different athletes have different arm swing actions but making sure they ‘swing’ their arms just right is a whole other ballgame. Coaches and trainers are responsible for teaching the best possible action that is guaranteed to get the best results. For long, it has been an arduous task for most trainers to get this right. But now, with Byrdband’s products, they no longer have a problem achieving that. They have several other products on offer that are designed to help athletes better their performance and get the most out of their effort.

Another popular product is the Byrdband stride trainer. This product too, is made from poly-elastic webbing and is used to strengthen the hip flexor by helping an athlete improve stride frequency. It is attached to both legs about 3-4 inches above the knee and is designed to help athletes and runners achieve the optimal leg stride as well as stride frequency. Although stride length is determined by an athlete’s height, this product helps increase stride frequency by maximizing leg turnover. No longer do taller athletes have the edge over those of average height. With Byrdband’s products, they too, now have the tools at their disposal to compete with those who are naturally better gifted than them. To get the most out of our products, athletes need to ensure they use them in the proper manner as directed.

To know exactly how you need to use these products and to make the most of them, visit them online at They have several videos that are designed to guide you in the use of these products to help you achieve your maximum potential. At the end of the day, it is more than just running tips. The main aim behind developing products like stride trainer is to help you further enhance your capabilities. Precision and long-term benefits have always been the core foundation of all our products. We believe in helping professional athletes compete at the highest level and at the same time, we also work toward encouraging amateurs to develop the right training techniques. More than just developing the perfect arm swing for running and the best stride technique for training, Byrdband offers you a whole range of products to help you with your overall training.