Handicrafts are an integral part in the life of an Indian and the popular handicrafts of India can be defined simply as objects created by the skills of the craftsmen that carries a part of the creator as well as centuries of evolutionary tradition. Basically handicrafts consist of objects created by skilled people for religious rituals such as wedding and celebrations. It brings a huge sense of grace to every home to be it the poor hut or a grand hotel.

There are numerous qualities in these craft objects, for they have a evolved over centuries and continue to be made even today with the same sentiments. The handicraft products are divided into many different categories, and these include:

Folk Crafts: There are numerous of craftsmen in India that are specialized in creating textile as well as jewelry that meets the criteria set up by a particular group of people, basically a caste or community. They have their own particular designs and styles. Folk embroideries are very famous in all over the world, which is done by the village women.


Religious Crafts: Basically, these items are connected with religious institutions and relevant ceremonies. These are developed around religious centers and themes. In India, various religious places specializes in particular handicrafts items.

Pottery Items: Basically pottery is a material which the pottery ware is made. There are numerous types of pottery ware such as earthenware; stoneware etc. Pottery is place where such wares are made. It is also referred to as the art or crafts of the Indians potters, the person who manufactures the pottery.

Weaving Basket: It is a process or a technique of weaving unspun vegetable fibers into a basket. The Basket makers are the craftsman or artist who weaves baskets.


Tatting Items: It is technique to design a handicrafts pattern through a particularly durable lace constructed by a serial of knots and loops. It is a purely decorative nature of the textile.


Calligraphy Art: It is a most common type of a visual art related to writing. It is a way to design and execution of lettering with the help of broad tip instrument or brush in a single stroke.


Collage Work: It is simple and unique method of an art production, which is used in the visual arts where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms. You can make the collage with the help of newspapers, ribbons as well as photographs.


Popular Handicrafts of India are more often than not intended to appeal and associated with different facets of human emotions and feelings. The crafts is the handiwork of people, done aesthetically imparting a touch of elegance and beauty to it. with pics