There’s a lot of advice available out there about what to do in candle making and how you should do it. That’s great of course and we’d want that information, but there’s another side to that coin. Every now and then we need to know just what NOT to do. We need to understand what to prevent and why it needs preventing.

This article then, is about how you can succeed at making candles safely. It tells you 5 things you will wish to avoid if you want to be successful at making candles safely at home as well as why you should avoid them. It will also recommend to you a better alternative.

Having said that, here are the 5 things you should avoid:

1. Working in an enclosed area. As wax melts, it vaporizes into the air we breathe. You may be inhaling wax vapor while making candles, and that can’t be a good thing. With the addition of scents and fragrances, you could also compromise your sense of smell in the long run. If at all possible, work in the open or at the very least in a room with wide open windows and an exhaust fan.

2. Keeping candle making equipment in the kitchen. You could easily pick it up and cook dinner with it, serving up bits of wax in the stir fry. Always keep equipment in a separate container, compartment, or a separate room even. You can weed out your battered pots and other old kitchen tools and use these exclusively for your candle making projects.

3. Pouring the water in the double boiler down the sink. You don’t want to do this as there might be some melted wax in the water. Once cooled, it could solidify in your drain with disastrous results. Instead, leave the water to cool then pour it through a sieve to catch the bits of wax.

4. Hurrying the melting process by melting wax directly over a fire instead of using a double boiler. This can be a mistake as wax fumes are combustible and can burst into flame if any get close enough to the heat source. You really should use a double boiler – it’s easy to devise one – put a tall, narrow pot into a larger pot half filled with water. And, be patient, it will melt.

5. Pouring hot wax into a cold glass candle making container. It will always be a temptation to do this but not only might the glass crack, but as the wax cools, it will separate from the glass container leaving a visible space between the candle and the glass. Instead, remember to warm the glass in a warm water bath so that it expands and contracts with the wax, preventing the formation of those air pockets.

Many people find candle making an enjoyable and relaxing hobby and hobbies should not be fraught with worry or anxiety. Steer clear of these 5 missteps and carry out the alternative suggestions and you will enhance your enjoyment of making candles successfully and safely.
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