They are the most expressive subjects. They grab attention like no other. They can make a picture look simply stunning. But…they are unpredictable, ask for immense tolerance and can make you feel frustrated. I am referring to Baby photography.

Photographing babies can be quite a challenge. Here are few baby photography tips to help you snap an enticing baby photo:

Tip 1: Be Vigilant

In baby photography, you are dealing with someone who is absolutely his/her own master. You need to wait for his/her grace. Thus never remove your finger from the camera. You never know when your little one will give you that smile you are looking for.

Tip 2: Choose a friendly location

Friendly here means comfortable and adaptable for your baby. Typically, the best location for this would be in-house. However, if you are planning to take pictures outdoors, make the location adaptable. Keeping your babies’ favorite toy or blanket can come handy while taking baby pictures. Also taking your child to a location before the actual time of shoot helps them adjust to the alien environment.

Tip 3: Make the child familiar with the camera before you shoot

Let your child touch the camera while you hold it. (Don’t place it in their hands because it will end up in their mouth.) Hold the camera in front of your face and then jump out and say peek-a-boo.

Ask friends, neighbors, and relatives to take pictures of your child while you stand in the background. This helps your child get used to other people being the photographer.

Tip 4: Do you have right camera?

Baby photography demands different camera tactics. The equipment should have high shutter speed (to get a picture when you baby is constantly on a move); less reload time and so on.

It is advisable to use a handheld camera – if possible, a digital camera. Digital cameras are preferred as you might have to take a good deal of pictures to get that perfect shot. However, digital camera pictures may not look professional sometimes.

Tip 5: Catch the eye

Shoot at the eye level of you child. This makes the image appear more enticing and expressive.

Baby photography requires tweaks in your skill and demands patience. I have gathered these tips from my own observations and talking with my photographer friends. If you would like to add something more, feel free to contact me.

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Article source: Expert Articles