The human brain is the most complicated object in the known universe. Scientists have tried to study it in its entirety and there is always something new to be learnt about the brain. No one knows how the brain stores information. There is no one who has a clue how it processes that information. Still, no one has an idea as to how the brain retrieves certain information even without an individual thinking hard about it. All that the world has is theories and hypotheses as to the workings of the brain. A good number of these guesses are quite accurate such as those regarding memory.

Human memory

How much information can be stored in your brain? All you have to do is think back to the day you were born. You have been capturing and storing information in your brain for all this time. The answer is simple: The brain can store tons of information. The human memory capacity exceeds that of even the largest computers that are used by America’s secret service. When you attend a memory seminar, you will get to learn about the abilities that are possessed by your brain.

Memory seminars are becoming increasingly popular especially in the corporate world. Managers and senior corporate officials are the ones attending these events more than students who need to remember a lot of information. Well, this is probably because these officials also have tons of things to remember. You should always get to work by this time, get these projects done, pick up the kids from school and go for evening classes etc. This is the life of many corporate professionals. In such a hectic life, you are bound to forget some of these things.

Reading and memory

For students, a memory seminar will come in handy where comprehension is very important. You want to study something and remember it. Some people read painfully slowly and they would love to increase this speed. Speed reading seminars come in handy here. While you are increasing your speed, you also want to increase your capacity of comprehension. There is no point of reading tons of content only to forget everything a few moments later, right?

In memory and speed reading seminars, students are able to learn how to improve their comprehension significantly. This is through strategies like chunking. One thing that is known about the brain is that it is able to grasp seven pieces of information at a go. For geniuses, this number is nine. When you group concepts together, you are able to read faster and at the same time, remember them.

There is also the reduction in sub-vocalization which used to increase reading speed. One thing that is probably slowing you down when you are reading is the sub-vocalization you are always engaging in. You want to hear how a certain word would sound if you rolled it on your tongue. This slows your reading speed down considerably because you are going to spend time on that word. Speed reading seminars teach people how to chunk, reduce sub-vocalization, use Meta guidance and other techniques.

The psychology of forgetting

Psychologists claim that it is impossible to forget something that has already been stored in the long term memory. This is why you are not able to skip a step in your daily morning routine because you have learnt it. However, when things are not practiced they do not make it into the long term memory and therefore they can be forgotten. This forgetting can be attributed to fresh content interfering with older content or vice versa. In some cases, people suffer from memory decay. The memory, having stayed in the long term memory for too long can decay. This is not to say that it will be forgotten. Try and remember that kindergarten song you learnt thirty years ago and see that it is there albeit in bits.