In this modern era, high tech devices that are very expensive like the computers can be replaced with cheaper ones. Such cheap computers mostly come in the form of used computers. Used computers can be found in abundance in the used computer warehouses in various places, even in the local area of the prospective buyers’ residence.
However there is no guarantee of quality when buying a used computer. The buyer has to take his own personal risk in doing so. But, if the buyer is ready to spend some money in upgrading the level of the used computer and also some time checking the quality of the used computer before purchase, it will save him from loss.
Used computers can save a lot of money for the buyer when compared to buying a new computer. There are many who cannot afford to buy a new computer like the students who do not have any source of income but definitely require computers. For such people, used computers come as a boon. Also, used computers need not always be second hand computers.
They can also be recertified or refurbished computers. Refurbished or recertified computers are those, which are checked for any faults, if any corrected and sold with a warranty ensuring the working condition of the computer to be perfect. Hence, such computers are considered to be the safest form of buying a used computer.
Refurbished computers can be bought from many of the online stores at very less prices. Quality computer manufacturers also sell such kind of recertified or refurbished computers. However, certain measures need to be taken while buying such kind of computers. The prime aspect to be considered while purchasing a used or refurbished computer is to look for a good branded one. There are various companies who sell used computers or refurbished computers.
The main reasons for opting for a branded one is that it comes with a warranty and also the buyer can be sure that the parts used are of good quality. While buying used or refurbished computers related software documents, licenses and paperwork have to be got from the seller as this will avoid stolen computers being passed off as used computers to the buyer.
If possible working for some time on the used computer will determine its efficiency. Most of the reputed dealers would allow the purchaser to use the computer for a shorter period to check the quality before purchase. While checking for the efficiency of the used computer, it is good to check if the booting process is smooth, as most of the problems occur during booting and also to check all the sound drivers, video, graphics, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.
CD drives and hard disks also need to be checked. Another aspect is the support system offered for the used computer whether technical or non-technical, support staff capabilities and the number of support staff which determine the quality of service offered. If the purchaser is not satisfied, he can very well think of another choice.
Computers? Are they worth the investment? And just how cheap is cheap?

Cheap computers are hard to come by which is why we have come up with this guide to show you just what to look when buying cheap computers.

* A high speed processor. Preferably dual core, the high speed processor will improve the overall PC performance.

* RAM. Any quality cheap computer is likely to have at least 2meg of RAM (Random access memory). The size of the RAM will improve the speed of the computer and make it easier to work on.
* Large Hard drive. A hard drive should be at least 150 GB will enable you to store more data including music, photos and general files.

* Graphics card. A high quality graphics card will allow you to view games and videos in better quality.

* USB ports. A computer will have a USB however it is ideal to have at least 4 USB ports.
* A large monitor. Monitors are a large part of a home PC. They need to be large enough for you to see what you are working on but should also be able to adjust and change the settings such as brightness, colour and picture size.

* Price. Of course the price of a cheap computer is probably the most important thing. Depending on what your budget is, you will still want a good deal. The best way to find a decent cheap computer is to compare prices and look for refurbished deals.
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Marcus – Sales and Technical Advisor to Customers @ Electro Computer Warehouse