Bowling is a very popular pastime and can lead to making great friends through leagues and events. It is remarkably inexpensive and can definitely give you more time with your family. Everyone can bowl even if the scores do not reflect it. But if you want to improve your game or just want to find out more about this interesting hobby, you have come to the right place. Following are some interesting bowling facts and trivia you might not have been aware of.

When did bowling begin? The story of a ball knocking pins over begins over 5,000 years ago. Sir Flinders Petrie, a British anthropologist in the 1930’s, stumbled over objects in an Egyptian tomb that resembled the same ball and pins that are used in bowling today. And the sport has a long history since. Perhaps one of the first mentions of the game came in England in 1366. King Edward III actually made the game illegal because his troops were spending too much time playing a bowling-type game and not focusing on their war strategies or archery. Since that time there have been many variations of the sport such as Italian bocce, English lawn bowling and French petanque. It may surprise you to know that when settlers came to America they also brought their beloved hobbies and sports. In fact the earliest known mention of the sport is from the story of Rip Van Winkle. Winkle wakes up from his long sleep to the melodious sounds of “ninepins.” No one is sure of the origins of tenpin games but it became very popular in the late 1800’s in Ohio, Illinois and New York.

Will playing the Wii actually help me learn to bowl? Using the game system Wii is a topic of hot debate among bowlers. Professional bowlers most often argue that the game is simply that: a game. It is not a way to improve your skills because you do not pick up the actual weight of a ball. Others argue that the Wii bowling games can actually help you improve your stance and can help you learn how to spin the ball correctly. Will the Wii game make you a professional without actually putting in real time practice? It probably will not but it is still loads of fun to play with your family and friends.

How can I join a league? The easiest way to join a league is to start playing at your local bowling alley. As you frequent the alley you will definitely notice people that come there often to play. As you get better you may be offered a spot or a chance to join the local league. If the leagues are all filled you can always start your own with friends or coworkers.

Who are some of the top bowling professionals in the sport? The great thing about bowling is that there are as many famous male bowlers as there are women. In the men’s category you have: Mitch Beasley, Chris Barnes, Patrick Allen, Ritchie Allen and Brad Angelo. In the woman’s division you have: Diandra Asbaty, Lynda Barnes, Amanda Beck, Missy Bellinder and Tammy Bommershine. And those are just the PBA bowlers. Each organization has its own list of top bowlers in the sport.

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