Even if you are brand new to bowling, you should always use the proper equipment whenever you bowl. Here are the most important accessories to remember:

Bowling Ball

Obviously, the bowling ball is an important piece of equipment to a bowler. All bowling balls are not created equal, though. Before purchasing a bowling ball, be sure to determine what ball weight you are comfortable with, as well as the size of the ball holes you will need. And don’t forget that some balls are designed for right-handers and some are made for lefties.

Bowling balls are classified according to skill level as well: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are also bowling balls that are made just for kids. If you don’t want to buy your bowling ball, you can always rent or borrow one at the bowling alley.

Bowling Shoes

Another accessory required for bowing is bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are unlike any other type of shoe, and each shoe has its own purpose: one bowling shoe is made to improve sliding, and the other bowling shoe helps you brake. You can rent or borrow bowling shoes from the bowling alley, but don’t forget to ask for the correct size. You don’t want your bowling shoes to be too roomy or too tight. You won’t be able to bowl very well if your bowling shoes don’t fit.

Bowling Shirts

Bowling shirts are a popular accessory and can improve comfort while you bowl. Professional bowlers wear special bowling shirts that have collars. You don’t need a professional quality bowling shirt to play a leisurely game of bowling, but it is important that you wear something comfortable. Any shirt with a collar should work fine, as long as you can move freely and it doesn’t distract your from your game.

Bowling Gloves

Many bowlers like to wear bowling gloves because they help them get a better grip on the bowling ball. Having a nice secure grip on the ball can help improve both your accuracy and power, so you may want to consider wearing bowling gloves. They also help support your wrist, providing a nice and smooth delivery.

Bowling Towels

A bowling towel is handy to have around to wipe any oily residue from your bowling ball. You can use a regular towel or purchase a special bowling towel that you will find at the pro shop in the bowling alley.

Other accessories you might want to look into include bowling bags and bowling ball cleaners or polishers. For personal use, you may want to have your own face towels or wristbands. These types of accessories are not required, but can be a personal preference for many bowlers.

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By Peter J Lee

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