Face painting is the art of applying colours, and design to face. Face painting is usually done for different themed functions, and celebrations. It is taken as a part of the outfit. Face painting is done on the faces of the children using quality paints, and brushes. The artists paint the face of the children like a tiger, fairy, or pirate, etc. Clowns also paint their face to make a smiley funny face to entertain the people.

Face painting is commonly done at festivals, and children parties. Face painters are hired for this purpose. Face paints are easy to take off, and make the children feel like little cartoon, or fairy tale characters. The face painting can be simple like pasting stickers, tattoos, and painting butterflies, stars, and flowers on the face while it can also be very complex like painting the face of a tiger or leopard on the face of a child etc.

Whatever the theme of the party is, face painting is done keeping in view that theme. Stickers, stamps, glitters, masks, and tattoos are also used in face painting. There are many face-painting ideas that one can select from such as fairies, witches, wizards, cats, dogs, butterflies, ghosts, vampire, spider man, or batman, etc. This is a very common, and most liked thing at Halloween parties, and fancy dress shows.

Children adore various sorts of face painting since it completes their costume, or clothes. Following are the major ten face painting ideas that can be used for many parties involving a theme:

1. Butterfly: One of the favourite face painting ideas for children is a butterfly. They are easy to paint, and children just love the different colours. This can go with every theme. Usually girls love being small butterflies. The different patterns of wings are made using different colours.

2. Fairy: Every little girl wants to be a fairy. Even some small boys love fairies. Usually, light colours are used like baby pink, light blue, and green, yellow, or purple, etc with lots of glitters.

3. Monster: This idea is very common for a Halloween party. Boys and girls choose their favourite characters from different Disney movies, and cartoons like Monster Inc., and Shrek. Large artificial teeth, a scary eye, more than two eyes, blood, and scars on face are all face painting ideas used for painting a monster.

4. Bunny: Young children of two to three years love the idea of a bunny face painting. They like to adorn themselves with hats having big ears, and white, blue, and grey costumes. In order to complete the look, two large-sized teeth can be added.

5. Little prince or princess: Like fairies, this is also a very common face painting idea for children birthday parties. The young girls, and boys get flowers painted on their faces, and wear crowns, and gowns to look like little prince, and princess.

6. Tiger or Lion: Both boys, and girls equally love this idea. Colours as yellow, black, orange, and brown are used for painting a tiger or lion. In addition, a black triangle for the nose is painted.

7. Super Hero: Spiderman, and batman are the best face painting ideas if one wants to be a super hero.

8. Dinosaur: A dinosaur is also very common. Young boys love being little monsters, and get their faces painted like that of a dinosaur.

9. Dog: Boys prefer dogs, with the painting idea of a Dalmatian in black and white colours being very common.

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