Face painting has become so common nowadays that people are always searching for new ideas for mouth painting. It has become quite common to see football and cricket fans watching a game with their faces painted in the colours of their favourite team, and in fact, they even get special hats and fancy dresses for the occasion. What started out as a fad with children has now taken on a whole new dimension; now, even adults like to get their faces painted when attending an occasion, which may not necessarily be a fancy dress party.

Painting faces requires skill and imagination and not everyone can do it. People who lack the basic skills of painting faces will end up mucking it up. Faces should be painted depending on the occasion. If it is a football or a cricket game, the colours of the club or the flag of the country are big favourites. Fans want to show their affiliations. For a children party, the mouth-painting would depend on the theme of the party. Boys may want their faces painted as pirates, monsters, robots, etc. and girls would like to be painted as fairies, witches, mermaids, etc. Painting animal faces is also a good idea as the child can play as being the animals painted on their faces.

Sceneries and landscapes also look nice as mouth paintings, like a sunset on the side of the mouth. Painting a clown mouth is always very popular and there are many variations that you can make to it. Painting a batch of children with the mouth of the exact same clown can be quite hilarious, as it will be difficult to tell who is who. By adding lipstick or glitter, you can really add a new dimension to the mouth design.

Mouth painting butterflies is another idea in which the creativity of the mouth painter can be fully utilised. A butterfly with its wings painted on eyelids can be very attractive. Every time the person blinks, it would seem as if the butterfly has flapped its wings. The same effect can be created by painting a bird on the face. Painting the mouth of a cat is also quite popular as you can align the lips of the cat with that of the person.

Creative mouth painting also depends on how elaborate the person wants to get their mouth painted. Some face painting designs can be quite elaborate like if you are painting a theme like dreams or illusions. Such face painting may require painting the neck as well. It is essentially the theme that drives the mouth painting design. Everything that you can imagine can be painted on the face. Therefore, it is the imagination that will motivate the face-painter. Of course, the person whose mouth is being painted should agree to the idea as well.

Aliens and mouth painting aliens is another fad nowadays, as people are getting more and more obsessed with them. Here again, the mouth painter can be extremely imaginative and any mouth from green monsters to transformers can be painted as an alien.

Face painting has spread like an art and a number of people have become quite skilful at it. Face painting does not require any elaborate equipment or brushes, etc.

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Article Source: Creative Face Painting Ideas