What exactly are G scale model trains and why is it perfect for the outdoors? Read on and find out!

People misinterpret the word model trains and think that this hobby is essentially a hobby for kids who are obsessed with toy trains. What most people don’t know is that the hobby of collecting model trains or locomotives is very popular all over the world.

These model trains are classified depending on their size. The size of a model train is called a scale. A scale is in ratio form because it is the ratio of the model train to the actual real life train. One of the biggest and most popular in the size division is the G scale model train. This kind of model train is a part of the cluster of large scale trains which all run on a Number 1 gauge track which means it runs on tracks with 45 mm in between rails. G scale model trains have a ratio of 1:22 or are one twenty-second of the extent of an authentic train prototype. G scale model trains are about 26.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in height. Another popular scale for model trains is the O scale model train. The O scale is also classified as a large scale model train and has a ratio of 1:48. It is half the size of the G scale model train.

Where did the G in G scale come from? G is believed to have come from the term Garden Railroading but most people associate it with the German word groß. Groß means large in German. This makes sense because the G scale model train was founded in Germany.

Ernst Paul Lehmann formed Patentwerk, the German company that made the first G scale model train in the world. Patentwerk is also known as Lehmann Gross Bahn or Lehmann Big Train in English. Patentwerk started out in 1881, afterwards branching out in the USA where LGB of America was founded. Some of the well known manufacturing companies today are Aristocraft and Bachmann.

Large scale model trains are recommended for outdoor use and for kids because they are more durable compared to the other smaller trains. The N scale will easily break since it is only about 4.8 inches in length and about 1.1 inches in height. Small scale trains are unfit, not-child friendly.

Because of their very durable and sturdy built, G scale model trains are a favourite of hobbyists who prefer their sets played outdoors. G scale trains can run smoothly on gardens and other outdoor areas. Another good thing about the G scale tracks is that they are usually brass-made, thus making cleaning and maintain them very easy. A solitary wipe down of unsoiled cloth on the tracks is all you need to do.

G scale trains are a good investment since you can pass the model train to different generations in your family. The hobby of collecting locomotives is a good bonding activity for the whole family.

Article source: Expert Articles