Elegant and “look at me” glass blowing

These types of art glass are indeed very popular home d├ęcor items and include glass pumpkins, bowls, goblets, vases, garden adornments, ring holders, perfume bottles, paperweights and glass paintings. They come in a huge range in terms of colors and design. You can also get custom installations in order to match the ambiance and space requirements of your room.

Types of hand blown art glass:

Painting in Glass: Hand blown glass paintings are marvelous pieces of art that are full of sophisticated beauty, enrichment of colors, magical brilliance and diligence. Until recently these stylish and classy glass paintings adored only the interiors of the royal and elites families. These hand blown glass paintings are distinguished for their eye-catching clarity, absolute brilliance and use of rich and bold colors and add an extra life to your living room.

Glass Bowls: You can use your decorative hand blown glass bowls for flowers or just keep them in the room as a decorative accent. The base colors are mostly bright and bold that capture and refract rays of light and create a great ambience. Apart from using these marvelous hand blown art glasses as a pedestal or coffee table piece, you can also use them as wall hangings.

Paperweights: The hand blown paperweights come in rich and bold colors as well as in many shapes and designs. They add eye catching colors to your working desk, study table, window sill of your living room, or anywhere else you like to. You can even personalize these paperweights and give them as gifts.

Glass Pumpkins: The hand blown glass pumpkins make a great gift during Halloweens. They are usually bright orange in color and have a nice ribbed side with curly or twisted jade green stems. The best part of these hand blown glass pumpkins are that they are exclusive and hence no chance of two pumpkin being alike.

Cleaning and maintaining hand blown art glasses:

Keep these hand blown art glasses out of direct sunlight as that can fade their colors over time.

Use small and soft bristled brush while cleaning dust from your hand blown art glasses.
Use warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent along with a soft cloth to wash these delicate art glasses.