The Grip

1. Be direct and aim. The primary purpose of your grip is to be able be to retain the end of the dart facing or pointing at each stage of throwing.

2. Be relaxed and solid. Your grip needs to be firm and stable shouldn’t put tension on the muscles of your fingers. Your grip is over excessive if your fingers become white as a result of the force being exerted. Also, if you are having difficulty releasing the dart your grip is too tight. Remember that the game of darts isn’t a game of force, but instead a game of touch.

3. Use a minimum of 3 fingers. The more fingers you use the better the control and regulation you will have when you gather acceleration or speed. However, this will make it more difficult to release the darts because you have more fingers that have to be coordinated.

4. The shape of the barrel. Not all types of grips will be functional or suitable on various barrel types. The longer the barrel the more fingers you will have to use to grip the darts. Conversely, the shorter the barrel the lees fingers will be required to grip the darts. You must not only determine the correct grip for you, but also you will have to determine the size of the barrel that’s right for you.

5. Don’t us a fist. You have to spread your fingers that you aren’t using for your grip of the darts away from those that are. If you are using your 4 fingers when you are gripping the darts the smallest finger will join the other 4 which will make a fist. This will cause muscle strain on the other 4 fingers and the result will be a fist rather than to an open hand which is required for an effective release.

The Stance

When a player is aiming, they target the line, set the dart and the eye. When the player throws the darts they need to try to place the 3 control routine of his arm in a plane of 2 dimensions.

The Throw

The weight should primarily rest on the foot that is forward while your foot that is behind will adequately hold your weight in order to ensure that your posture is balanced. Remember that regardless of which distribution of weight you use, your posture must be unshakable and firm. The foot that is forward must remain on the floor constantly. Also, if you constantly are bending forward, you will strain your back. Don’t lift your balance leg when you are throwing darts. Always keep your balance foot on the floor. Keep your body still with your posture while you are throwing darts.
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