There are two kinds of archery sports that you can choose from. The first is the target archery. This is the kind you would usually find in various sporting competitions such as the Olympics. Here, the archer stays stationary at a certain distance and the object of the game is to hit the bull’s eye that is on the target. The second kind of archery is field archery. Unlike target archery, field archery involves you hitting a moving target. As such, there are different kinds of archery equipment sets and accessories that are available for field archery. Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested into field archery such as hunting archery and fishing archery, also known as bow fishing. If you are interested to get into field archery for a hobby, here are a few important pointers that you first need to take into consideration before purchasing your archery equipment for field archery.

Get Your License

Before you get your field archery equipment, make sure that you first work in getting your fishing and hunting license. Not only would you not be able to use the archery equipment that you have purchase for hunting and fishing. Some sports stores require you to present your fishing or hunting license. These would be able to guide them as to which particular kind of archery equipment components that are within the limits of your hunting or fishing license.

Duly Accredited Archery Equipment

Local and state government agencies that are tasked to handle the various wildlife parks within the United States are very strict when it comes to archery equipment used for hunting and fishing. In order to protect the natural ecosystem, the government has specified what particular archery equipment can only be used for hunting and fishing. Some local states have even accredited various stores within the state where you can get licensed and government-standard archery equipment. To know more about the regulations in your community or state, you can try contacting your parks and wildlife agencies for more information.

Enroll in an Archery Safety Course

Some states would require you to complete an archery safety course that is sponsored by the state’s wildlife and forestry agency before you are permitted to purchase and use archery equipment for fishing and hunting. This is to ensure your safety as you go and hunt or fish while using your archery equipment.

Check the Seasons

In order to preserve the environment and to avoid excessive hunting and fishing, field archery is only allowed at certain times of the month. This is done to give time for fish and other game to spawn and grow. Archery speciality stores and sports stores that sell archery equipment would be able to provide you with this information. You can also check over the Internet on the various parks within your area for this. Better yet, contact your local parks and wildlife agency in the area where you are planning to hunt or fish. They would be able to provide you times of the month when you can engage in field archery. On top of that, you can also ask them for any requirements and regulations they have involving field archery to save you the problem to getting a citation.

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