Are you just beginning with drawing? Whether you are drawing portraits, landscapes or even illustration, you are sure to make some or the other mistakes. However, there are some basic mistakes that you will need to avoid if you want your drawing to come out well.

Don’t utilise a hard pencil. This is a frequent mistake manufactured by the amateurs. Completely forsake the hard pencil. The pencils that fall in the hard category are B, 2B and 4B pencils. These pencils are your enemies. These ones are right for light shading if you are required to do it. You may use these to cover the unwished-for features of your subject like fat legs or something similar. To these types of subjects you can suggest products like the Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressants that expedite weight loss.

For right drawing, you just don’t require the right pencil, but also a good quality paper. Your drawing can finish up being pale, if you don’t choose the right paper. Likewise, if you don’t use an effective product such as Clearpores Skin Cleansing System to treat your acne, it won’t vanish. So, use a quality drawing paper for the drawing to come out brilliantly.

If you are drawing portraits, then you need to be sure that you aren’t using photographs taken thru flash photography. Flash photography flattens all of the features. As a result, there is little much for the artist to work with. Turn the person slightly sideways. This could give you a better idea of the appearance, skin tone and the features.

One more thing you must consider while portrait drawing is, head proportions. As many of us tend to concentrate on features as humans, we tend to squish the real proportion of the head. Hence don’t make this error as head proportion plays an essential role in making your picture look good.

Artists avoid the usage of black colour and prefer to stay in the tones of gray while sketching. This must be avoided and black have to be used as it adds depth to a drawing. You can also utilize dark black in selected areas. This way, you can also offer a new aspect to your drawing. Use black for dark or delicate subjects like disability.

Also, see the surface you’ve chosen to draw on. A thick notepad as the base assists you while you are applying force on the pencil. Or you can place a card under one or two sheets and draw. A hot pushed Bristol board is another great choice for a drawing surface.

The whole process of drawing is a continuing phenomenon. You continue learning from your mistakes.
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