If you want to start playing darts there are a few thing you should know. For instance you need to know what kind of dart board you want, where in the heck you are going to put it, and how to play.

There are tons of different types of dart boards out there; there are the cheap want-to-be dart boards you can get from Wal-Mart– these don’t work, not one bit. These cheapo dart boards usually are made of plastic nobs that are supposed to catch the dart when it is thrown at the board, but this hardly ever works; what usually happens is these darts hit those flimsy nobs and bounce onto the floor.

So buying a cheap dart board is a lot like buying cheap garbage, because what you are doing is buying garbage. Seriously if you want to start playing darts, I promise you will want to invest the money in a nice board.

Buying a nice board like the Winmau blade 4 bristle dart board would be ideal. Boards like these are great, this one I found to be perfect for my back yard, where I have regular dart nights with all my friends.

When looking to buy, you will want to inspect every detail of the board: does it have high quality self-healing sisal fibers for maximum durability, does it have a bulky wire divider to segment the board into portions, or does it have a back board to protect your wall from misguided darts. These are all very important aspects to inspect.

There are different types of darts that should be looked into as well. First if you have the darts with the rubber tips for that piece of garbage board you got from wally-world, you can go ahead and toss those.

You are going to want serious darts: these will make the game of darts a lot more dynamic, by adding precision to each throw. Be warned though, if you have little ones they should not be able to reach these darts.

Back in old times darts were actually used by assassins; they could effectively end lives just with a toss of a single dart. This isn’t what we want to happen; that was simply demonstration of how dangerous darts can be in the wrong hands.

Steel tip darts are the kind you are going to want to get, you will have to play around to see what size and weight you like the best. For me I like the fixed-point steel tip darts with the streamlined design for accuracy: they seem to work the best.

Darts is different for everyone and take a lot of practice and dedication. However, it is well worth the time and energy.
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