People have found shelter and comfort in pets since the beginning of time. Animals have been man’s best friend, protector and a source of great pleasure. Dogs, cats, parrots, birds, rabbits and horses are the most commonly kept pets. In societies people keep undisruptive animals. Hardly any house is left that does not have a pet! Pets are considered no less than family members, and hence are given the same shelter, love, food as any of their family is liable to receive. Human nature possesses an inclination towards matchlessness.

Peculiar pets are found across the world and by the passage of time their number is increasing. These animals vary from reptiles, endangered species of birds, snakes, lizards, spiders and so on. Rare animals are now managed and controlled and made pleasant, exuberant companions.

There are many people in this world who are fond of being different from others. They crave for anything that is extraordinary and distinct. Dogs have been kept as pets since the beginning of time and there is simply no substitute for them. Over the lapse of centuries dogs have earned their status as the man’s best friend. There are common dogs and these are poodles, hound dogs etc. There are some dogs that can be categorized as rare dogs because people do not keep them as common pets. Bull terriers and Beardies are two species of rare exotic creatures.

Beardie is a dog that was used a long time back as a shepherd dog. Bull terriers are vicious looking dogs and they suit people living in countries sides because they are a good source security. These dogs are a mixed breed of a bull dog and an extinct white English terrier. These dogs are highly aggressive and need their space. They are huge and scary and perfect athletes. They can be particularly friendly towards people.

There are monkeys that aren’t still very common but these pets are full of enjoyment. Monkeys can imitate and learn quickly that is the reason people want to keep them as pets now more and more.

There are people who pay thousands to possess boa constrictors and other snakes and keep them as pets, enough to scare a visitor. Spiders such as tarantulas and camel spiders are increasing in number. There are kangaroo cats, iguanas, monitor lizard, etc. Some people also keep panthers, lions as pets and often face dangerous consequences. But however keeping such animals as pets makes people feel extraordinary and distinctive.

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