If you’re interested in starting an acting career, you’ve likely heard that it requires an abundance of hard work and know-how; but what is it, specifically, that you need to know? Industry professionals agree on several essentials for starting an acting career, some of which are listed here:

Learn from others. This is a broad directive that ranges from talking with working actors, to studying their techniques on television and cinema, to visiting their websites and other outlets. As with any profession, those starting an acting career can best learn from those who have done it themselves. Where can you meet working actors? More on that in a moment.

Learn basic business skills. Yes, acting is indeed an art; but it is certainly a science as well, and business skills are an important part of the formula. Starting an acting career requires marketing your craft through a variety of strategic methods; writing a résumé, promotional materials, and website text; and a specific knowledge of how to choose an agent or manager. Finally, there’s auditioning – which, according to many acting professionals, is perhaps the most important business skill of all.

Choose an acting school. Want to meet working actors? The best place is to do so is in an acting class in Los Angeles, home of the television and film entertainment industry. Choosing an acting class that is attended or taught by working actors is key, as you’ll be learning from individuals who are doing what you aim to do as a professional. Often, you can learn by simply observing; however, asking questions regarding their journey can be beneficial as well.

If you’re concerned about being intrusive or taking up too much of an actor’s time, one solution is choosing an acting school that offers sanctioned opportunities to learn from actors. For example: At Stuart Rogers Studios in North Hollywood, acting classes are offered alongside audition classes, interactive workshops, and business skills training. In New York, studios that offer similar opportunities are likely to be available.

Get some experience. Anywhere! Community theatre groups are tried-and-true stomping grounds for aspiring actors; those who aim to work in cinema are known to test the waters as extras and walk-ons. However, even in these initial stages, the guidance of an experienced professional can be positively invaluable. Again, this is where choosing an acting school that offers varied classes and interaction opportunities is an excellent idea.

Yes, there is a lot more to learn; but by following these guidelines, your efforts at starting an acting career can go further, yield more results – even be more enjoyable. And as any professional knows, career enjoyment is a key component of long-term success.


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