If you wish to hone up your defensive techniques during vital tennis match it is advisable that you should consider a few essential factors. Starting from your speed to your footwork techniques you need to take care of all the details in order to enhance your defensive methodology in the best possible way. Here are a few essential tips that you should follow and turn out to be the best defender during a crucial match in the coming month.

Learn the technique to stay in appropriate position on court

It is often seen that the player shifts from his appropriate position when he tries to catch hold of tennis ball that seems to be thrown at him by the opponent. You have to hit your shot perfectly so that you can go back to right position on tennis court. If you hit this ball you can curtail recovery time and you can even allow the ball to reach opposite side of court as quickly as possible. Another important tactic is to hit it well and also try to go back to central portion of your own baseline. All the popular tennis players such as Nadal, Federer are well adopted with the techniques to hit the shots in the best possible way. This type of technique allows you to go back to defensive position as well as allows you to go back to original position. In private tennis lesson in Palo Alto, the participants get the scope to learn best techniques to hit the shots and at the same time maintain their right position in the best possible way.

Hitting ball across court helps you to get a lot of scope to recover at the right time. The harder you choose to hit your ball in specific situation, the less number of seconds you are able to get in order to recover and go back to middle portion of tennis court or in decent position to play the next shot.

Develop strategy to strike up baseline match

Once you learn to hit the shot and to stay in right position the next step that you need to adopt is to diminish shot frequency as well as hit the ball on tennis court in the best possible way. All you have to remember is that the player on your opposite side would normally find it hard to hit quickly if you hit the ball at fast pace. Moreover you must not change the direction at frequent pace. If they hit the ball across tennis court it is advisable that you should also strike the ball across court whenever you are in difficult position.

Try to defend yourself when your opponent tries to overpower you

If you find out that your opponents tries to play on baseline and tries to overpower you, you should try to defend yourself and play defensive shot as much as you can.The trainer of summer tennis camp in Palo Alto also helps you to adopt this type of defensive technique and improve your performance

Improve your backhand technique

It seems to be simpler for you to strike the ball in the direction from where the ball is thrown. You must not strike it whenever the opponent hits the ball across your tennis court. However it is quite obvious that you may find it hard to change the direction whenever required. You need to adopt this backhand technique through consistent practice and effort.