Sports often require a variety of skills and techniques that one must master in order to perform competitively. Basketball, in particular, tests one’s skills in dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. Each of these tasks demands that a player use the proper technique, otherwise he or she is sure to be charged with a violation or simply, will not succeed at the sport. By using fundamental techniques and practicing regularly, you can excel at the sport of basketball.

Before actually picking up a basketball, you must first understand basketball rules and regulations. There are two teams with five players on each team. The object of the game is to put the ball through the basket for points and the team with the most points at the end of the time regulation wins the game. The game is played indoors on a hardwood court with 10-foot hoops on each end, this is one of the basketball basketball equipments, other equipments include basketball, net, the rim, and the backboard. The players must bring the ball up the court for each possession without stepping out of bounds. In advancing the ball, it is necessary to constantly dribble the basketball in order to avoid a traveling violation. Furthermore, once the dribble is stopped, you cannot dribble again since it would be considered a double-dribble violation. At that point, you must either decide to pass or shoot the ball. Basketball is a contact sport; however, any extensive contact that prevents another player from doing something will result in a foul. Once you have six personal fouls, you are ejected from the game. It is important to keep all the rules and regulations in mind while playing basketball since it is a game that is meticulously refereed.

Before you can learn how to shoot, you must learn how to bring the ball up the court. Dribbling the basketball is an art. Players often use techniques such as dribbling the ball between their legs or behind their back to protect the ball from the defender. However, the basic dribble must be mastered before moving on to advanced moves. Dribble the ball using your fingertips, not your palm, as it allows you more maneuverability with the ball. Be sure to maintain your dribble even if the defender is nearby until you are ready to pass or shoot. Stopping the dribble will allow the defender to trap you and force you into a tough situation.

Being unselfish on a team is essential to success. On many days, you will not be able to make a shot, making passing just as important a skill. Passing requires you to put yourself in the perspective of the player on the receiving end of the pass. The pass must be chest-high so that the receiving player can easily catch the ball. Deciding between a direct pass and a bounce pass is a choice you must make depending on the situation. If a defender is in the way of your teammate, a bounce pass is your best bet since the defender will have to bend over to steal the ball. A direct pass should be used if your teammate is undefended since it will get to him faster.

The main objective of the game is to score points; therefore, shooting the basketball is the most important part of the game. There are many different types of shots including the jump shot, dunk, lay-up, hook shot, and the fade away. The jump shot and the lay-up are the fundamental types of shots, whereas the others are alterations based upon the situation of the offensive player. In order to shoot a jump shot, you must first line up your hands along the seam of the basketball and hold the ball firmly with both hands. As you go up to shoot, your knees must be bent at a 45 degree angle in order to propel the shot. Use your judgment to determine the arc and the direction of the shot. As you release the shot, be sure to roll your fingertips across the ball as you release it so that the rotation is perfect. Follow your shot by making a “goose-neck” out of your wrist. This will help in maintaining the accuracy of the shot. Once the ball has made the “swoosh” sound through the net, cheer along with your teammates. A lay-up is a shot that is used if you are close to the basket. Use the box on the backboard as a reference for your shot. As you go up to lay the ball in, use your shooting hand to release the ball while jumping off the opposite foot. Obviously, during a game, you will have to alter you shot according to the defense, but these basic techniques can be used as a guide.

Now that all of the offensive techniques of basketball have been covered, it is time to focus on the defensive aspect. The basic rule in defending another player is to stay in front of him at all times, which will prevent him from making his move. Also, constantly moving your arms up and down will distract the offensive player and there will be a higher chance of him making a mistake. Be aggressive in your defense but do not foul the other player. If the offensive player is about to take a shot, keep your arms up and try to keep your feet on the ground. Good shot blockers block the shot right when it is about to be released from the hand. If you wait too long after the shot is released, you will be relying on your athletic ability rather than technique to block the shot.

One of the most underappreciated skills in basketball is rebounding. Believe it or not, rebounding requires great technique, but most of all, it requires passion. It is important to “box-out” the other team’s player for the rebound. This means keeping him away from a position to get the rebound. When positioning yourself for the rebound, get on the opposite side of the direction of the shot since the rebound is more likely to go on the opposite side. Grab the rebound firmly once the ball gets close and if you cannot grab it, try to tap it to one of your teammates. A defensive stop is not complete until you have rebounded the ball, therefore rebounding is critical in basketball.

The game of basketball can be learned by following techniques, however, the best way to excel at the game is to practice. Being aware of the rules, basketball plays and using proper techniques on both ends of the court will result in fundamental play. Although your success is largely dependent on your ability and skill, using the right methods will greatly reduce mistakes.

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