Creative writing is a very fulfilling career, especially for those who have the passion in writing. But then, no matter how fulfilling it is, at some point, creative writers do experience that inability to produce new work called writer’s block. If you are a creative writer yourself, then you know exactly how frustrating writer’s block is, especially if it is your sole means of income. So how did you deal with it? Here, you may want to look at these steps to beating writer’s block because you might be missing something.

1. Perform a variety of creative writing exercises. These may include random stimulation and starting phrases. So how is random stimulation done? Simple. Just pick two or three random words and put them together. Again, pick another batch of random words and place them side by side. Repeat this for several times and later as you go along, you will notice that your urge to write is coming back little by little. As for starting phrases, some examples that you can use are I am not and I would like to. From there, see where the phrases will lead you.

2. Think of creative writing more as your bread and butter and less as an art. It is one effective way to get you going since at the end of the day, it means income. So, when you’re running out of inspiration, just remember that you are like any other worker, only that you use vocabulary and grammar to earn a living.

3. Know the deep-seated issues behind your writer’s block. Is it a financial, emotional, or physical problem? Do you feel stressed or burned out? Are you pressured to produce more work than the usual? Whatever your reasons are, better write about them or talk to a friend.

4. Consider your writing space. Whether you write on your own desk, in a coffee shop, or at a park bench, make sure that you are comfortable while writing. Often times, a crowded or uncomfortable work station makes a great excuse to procrastinate writing. So, always find a comfortable writing space that you will definitely look forward to being in.

5. Look back when you first decided to choose creative writing for a career. You never really imagined it, did you? So what made you land on this career in the first place? Perhaps, it’s your passion for writing, right? So, just think about that passion, and you’ll see in no time you’re back writing again.

Beating writer’s block may not happen overnight but it will sure help if you follow these steps. After wards, you’ll realize that writer’s block may take the fun out of creative writing for a while, but never for a lifetime.
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