Oxford dictionary defines creativity as “use of imagination or original ideas to create something.” It demands imaginative thinking, originality and effective expression of thoughts. This expression is only possible when you are true to yourself. Virginia Woolf, the famed 20th century modernist writer used to practice automated writing, which helped her formulate ideas. She could tap into her subconscious and come up with unique story ideas only because of her habit of creative writing.

In the age of interdisciplinary studies, management is no more a domain for MBAs; and literature is also, no more a profession of literary writer alone. We are developing into a dynamic world, where interlinks are getting recognized. Society is trying to understand the relationship between science and theology, industry and social responsibilities and art and culture. In such a dynamic age, writing has emerged as a field where you need to be aware of all the current trends and techniques in order to be successful. You should know about various genres of writing like articles, screenplays, short stories, scribbling, travel writing, screenplays, report writing, automated writing and memoirs.

Creative writing classes are short term courses that comprise of various visual exercises and oral narrations, which help innovate your writing style and teach you new techniques of artistic writing. These classes are generally held on weekends and suit everybody, even working professionals and students. Creative writing classes offer numerous benefits, such as:

* Develops Your Writing Style

Writing a sentence means framing your words in the right order, but putting them in a way, which is both interesting and meaningful, makes you a creative writer. This development cannot be overnight and you will have to work towards it. Creative writing classes facilitate you to form this effectual writing style.

* Expert Guidance

Once you start writing, you tend to get so involved in the subject that you often ignore the structural flaws. An expert can help you identify your weaknesses so that you can work upon them and become a better writer.

* Understand Publishing Industry

Writing for oneself is one thing; but writing for the world is another. When you have decided that you want to pursue writing as a career, you will need to be very careful about your content, plot-disclosure, writing-style etc. You need to be responsive about the needs of the audience and have a thorough understanding of the publishing industry.

* Explore Your Creativity

We cannot borrow creativity from our peers and friends. In order to be creative, you have to discover your inner potential and work to minimize the flaws in your writing style. This will help in creating your own personal style and identity.

These professional courses and workshops can assist you in pursuing writing as a career. So, go ahead and join a creative writing class to learn various new writing techniques, improve your style and build your vocabulary.
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