Most families at some point decide to introduce a pet or animal to their family home at some point in their lives. Although cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, fish and other small animals are the most common family pet it is becoming less unusual for families to look at bringing home exotic pets.

Exotic pets may seem more exciting and different however unless your are fully prepared and understand enough about the exotic pets you choose bringing one home could end in disaster.

Generally speaking, the more exotic the pet the more education you will need and it will probably require more expensive housing and food. When you are looking for exotic pets do your research before you shop, you may find you purchase an animal on impulse that you know little about and does not fit your family surroundings.

It is extremely important to do plenty of research on exotic pets before you decide what sort you want. You can find plenty of information on the internet simply type in the animal you are look for and read as much as you can to see if this animal suits you. You can also visit your local library and borrow books on exotic pets.

It may be helpful to visit a few pet shops to seek advise about exotic pets, make sure you are aware of all the special requirements they need.

Things To Ask
What sort of housing do they require including the size and shape.
What sort of food do they eat and how often should they be fed
Are they prone to any type of diseases or problems you should look out for
Do they require any special equipment such as a UV light or heat mat
How long is their life expectancy
Do they need any type of vaccinations
Do you need any sort of licence to own this type of animal

If you have children it may be worth finding out how much your exotic pet likes to be interacted with. If you have chosen an animal that does not like to be handled will your family be happy with a pet that can only be looked at and not touched?

If you have other pets already you will need to know if the new addition will upset your existing animals and how they will get along. You may need to set up alternative measures if they need to be kept well away from each other.

Buying exotic pets is not as easy as it seems but if you are fully aware of everything that it needs and have prepared a loving home with the correct facilities there is no reason why you should not enjoy having one.


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