In a perfect world, our pets would be by our side everywhere we went. But sometimes things arise that are not “pet friendly”. Do not vow to never talk to your sister again unless she allows Puncher to be ring bearer at her wedding. Allergies – Shmallergies! Dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times stronger then ours, is it really humane to expose Duke to Uncle Ralph at Thanksgiving? Sometime, sooner or later, you may have to allow another person to care for your pet. No one will ever replace you but with some well thought out plans, you can make the transition go a little smoother for you, your pets, and the pet sitter.

1. Complete a pet care profile for each of your pets. This will include feeding instructions, vet information, local emergency contact, your contact information for questions, and any other pertinent information that will assist the pet care provider. It will also include any and all health problems and behaviors that your pet may exhibit in times of ill health. It should also list any hiding spots for pets such as cats that may not greet the pet sitter.

2. Make your arrangements far enough in advance so the pet sitter can schedule your visits and you are able to provide the information they need. Emergencies do happen and you may need to contact someone last minute but this should not be the norm.

3. Have an ample supply of food, supplies and litter for the duration of the time you will be gone plus extra in case you can not return when planned.

4. Talk to your pets and let them know that you will be going away but they are going to have a fantastic time. Pets sense our feelings so make sure you are loving and happy during these occasions, not sad or your pet will feel that way, also. This works for when you take your pets for medical treatment or grooming, also. Pets sense our moods so try and be happy and strong for them.

5. Have a key made for your home and make sure it works.

6. Thoroughly clean any food dishes left in the sink to avoid any pests such as ants and flies. Also, clean out the refrigerator to avoid any smelly food spoilage while you will be gone.

7. Adjust the thermostat to make sure your home will be comfortable for your pets while you will be gone. In warm weather, a closed up house can become dangerously hot in very short time.

8. Make sure to tell the pet sitter if any areas of your home are off limits to the pets and close those areas off.

9. Double check your yard to make sure no holes have developed or areas that your dog can escape. Also, check the collar so your dog can not slip out of it. You want the collar tight enough that two fingers can fit under it for comfort to the dog but that it can not slip over the dog’s head.

10. Ask for updates from the pet sitter in case anything arises or if you can call the pet sitter to check up on occasion. You will have a much better time away from your pet knowing everything is going well and your pet sitter will feel better knowing she/he is welcome to call in case anything happens.

With the right planning and the right attitude, you can be away from your pets and not feel that you have let them down. And also, just think of those wonderful doggie kisses or kitty purring when you are reunited. That feeling can only be described as pure joy.

Article source: Expert Articles

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