Not everyone who is installing new floors thinks about their pets in the decision process for choosing the surface. You may install the flooring you think is right then come to find that your pet damages it or struggles to get traction on it.

Your current or future pets should definitely be considered when choosing your flooring for three main reasons: the possibility to damage floors, the possibility of injuries to pets, and the extra maintenance from owning a pet. This article will explore the pros and cons of a number of flooring options as it pertains to these factors. All types of flooring can be found at a wholesale floor dealer such as ProSource Denver.

Carpet may be your pet’s favorite option due to traction and comfort, but it may not be the right choice for you. Pet fur, dander, and odor can be trapped in the carpet, making it an allergic guests’ nightmare. For owners who have pets that venture outside, they can easily track mud which will stain carpet in Denver. If your pet has “bladder issues” carpet is tougher to clean than a harder alternative. Luckily there are options to minimize these negatives. Darker carpets will show less stain and fur and there are newer stain resistant carpets. Carpet with loops should be avoided because pets nails can easily be snagged on it, which can both destroy the carpet and injure the pet.

Another cheap option is laminate flooring in Denver. By nature laminates are resistant to scratches and stains, though if not cleaned relatively quickly liquid can leave spots. A major con of laminate for pets is that it is the most slippery surface for a pet to try to walk on. Since they can’t get a good grip on the floor it is a lot like running on ice for an excited pet. This slipping not only can cause collision damages to your pets and objects (vases/plates on a table that fall) but can cause serious joint injuries to your pet.

Hardwood is a great option for property value but pets can damage it rather quickly. While they make great stains that are scratch and stain resistant they are not impenetrable by nails and liquids. Denser woods are recommended for hardwood flooring in Denver due to their resistance to scratching. Liquid stains should be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage. Bamboo flooring in Denver is as strong as hardwood but is a grass which makes it very renewable and eco-friendly. Though hardwood has more friction for pets than laminate, it is still hard for excited pets to get traction.

Another great flooring option is tile flooring in Denver. Tile will be more expensive than laminates but will last longer and add more value to the home. It is great because it is almost impossible to scratch and stain when cleaned up reasonably quickly. It also has the con of having very little traction and is uncomfortable for a pet to lay on (unless they are trying to cool off). Vinyl flooring in Denver is a cheaper alternative that can look great while being easier to scratch than tile.

Regardless of what type of flooring you choose, proper care should be used to maintain appearance. Floors should be vacuumed, swept or mopped on a weekly basis. Pets nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent snagging in carpet and scratching in hard surfaces.

Article source: Expert Articles